Watch Automakers' Inspiring Videos Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Hyundai video coronavirus

There's something about a serious crisis that makes people work together. Not only can it unleash their creativity, but it makes them more resourceful as well. 

This is true even for car manufacturers today.  They're making the best with what they have right now, and using videos as platform to show their support during this most difficult time. 

As seen around, many of these automakers' videos  are turning these setbacks into something useful (and impactful) for everyone during the Coronavirus crisis.  Here are some of their works: 

Mercedes: Stay at Home

Mercedes Benz made a really creative redesign of its logo by making the three-pointed star in the circle smaller so they don't touch each other. It's a creative way to remind everyone "not to touch each other" and do some social distancing.

Mercedes Benz coronavirus logo From Mercedes Benz Facebook Page

By the way, just so we're on the same page, allow us to define what social distancing is. Social distancing means "to maintain a physical distance from people, and to avoid direct contact."

This is the central theme of Mercedes Benz's video—and most of the car makers' videos as well. 

Here's another image that Mercedes posted in their FB account, reminding everyone to stay at home. Interestingly, all the cars were driving on reverse:

Mercedes Benz coronavirus video From Mercedes-Benz Facebook page

Mercedes Benz-Switzerland also created a Youtube video entitled "Stay at Home", and thanked all the frontliners who, literally, are our unsung heroes today:

Mercedes Benz coronavirus video From Mercedes-Benz Switzerland Facebook page

BMW: The Curve Up Ahead

BMW's Youtube video,"The Curve Up Ahead: Flatten the Curve with BMW" urges everyone to "flatten the curve and stay at home". 

One of their most creative taglines associated the shape of the road to how we should deal with the crisis: 

"Right now, we're faced with a curve like we've never seen before. And making sure we handle it in the best way possible is more important than ever."

BMW coronavirus video From BMW USA Youtube page

Audi: Keep Distance. Stay Together

It's simple but refreshingly creative. Audi made use of its four interconnecting rings to remind everyone to "keep distance and stay together". 

The "Keep Distance. Stay Together" video takes less than ten seconds to watch, but we think it's one of the most creative images we've come across (so far). 

Audi coronavirus video From Audi USA Facebook page

Volkswagen: We are Volkswagen

Here's another creative way to encourage others to maintain social distancing.

Volkswagen's video, "We are Volkswagen", showed its logo changing—from its V and W touching inside the circle, to separating completely from each other. 

They also released an inspiring video, urging people to keep their distances from each other. 

Volkswagen coronavirus video From Volkswagen YouTube page

Hyundai: This is Us 

Hyundai believes that times like these make us grow and improve for the better. 

This inspiring video is a small pat on the back for those who feel vulnerable, fragile and scared.

It's a tribute to what humanity is all about. 

In the end, it mentions Hyundai Assurance, a feature that the company offers to Hyundai buyers and leasers from now to April 30. Their payments will be covered for six months, in the event that they get sick from the Covid-19 virus.  It also mentions Hyundai CARE, which extends their warranties worldwide. 

Hyundai coronavirus video From Hyundai Worldwide Facebook page

Toyota: We are Here for You

Toyota pulled its March sales event advertising to run a new national ad campaign that addresses this crisis. 

Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi, the company's video focuses on family, and reminds everyone that it "remains committed to supporting the community".

Its optimistic message ends with a pledge: "We are here for you now, and all the better days ahead."

Toyota coronavirus video From Toyota USA YouTube page

Ford: Built for Right Now

Ford's "Built for Right Now" video is more down-to-earth and practical. Generic, but well-presented, it reaches out to people who are leasing or financing through the Ford Credit.

The Ford Credit allows some customers to postpone a payment, and even change the due date of a payment if they are impacted by the Covid-19 virus.

Ford coronavirus video From Ford YouTube page

Jeep: Stay Home

Remember Jeep's popular Groundhog Day commercial? 

This heartwarming ad reprises Murray's role in the 1993 Groundhog Day film, where he plays a man who re-lives the same day over and over again. 

Jeep's rendition, however, features Murray driving the Gladiator Rubicon.

Jeep video From Jeep Youtube page
Due to its success (and popularity), the company decided to use the same ad to remind everyone to stay at home.
Its "Same Day" video gives a simple message that everyone will understand: Stay home and stay healthy.
Jeep coronavirus video From Jeep Youtube page

Nissan: Ode to Empty Roads

Nissan's "Ode to Empty Roads" uses sentiment to remind everyone to stay home. This is a "sacrifice" we need to do today if we want to be together tomorrow.

"We are going to miss you—miss you a lot. We've been together forever. Since the very beginning, the great outdoors must take the back seat as we bide our time indoors."

This almost deserves a "Hallmark moment", doesn't it?

Nissan coronavirus video From Nissan Youtube page

Final Word

BMW said something powerful in its video:

"Today we drive forward without driving at all." 

Just because we are under a crisis doesn't mean we should stop moving. Stay home, stay centered, stay strong—and never lose hope. 

It's just a bump on the road, everyone. Let's continue looking ahead.

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