WATCH: World’s first flying race car takes flight


Just when you thought that the Formula E is the future of racing, Airspeeder and Alauda show us what it’s like to take EV racing to a whole new level — literally.

Airspeeder is the world’s first racing series for electric flying cars and Alauda is the manufacturer who will create the ultimate performance eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) craft.

You can check out the video of the world’s first flying racecar make its maiden flight, here.

According to Airspeeder, the video was shot at an undisclosed test location in the deserts of South Australia under the observation of Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Airspeeder added that the success of the flights means that uncrewed electric flying car races are soon to happen at three “soon-to-be-revealed international locations.”

Flying electric vehicles — with a greater thrust-to-weight ratio than an F15 fighter jet — will be driven by elite pilots with aviation, motorsports, and e-sports backgrounds who will race “blade-to-blade” at Airspeeder’s augmented reality (AR) sky-tracks.


“We are proud to make history by introducing the world’s first racing series for flying electric cars,” says Airspeeder and Alaudia Founder Matt Pearson.

He adds, “We are proud to introduce a sport that redefines what humans and machines can achieve together.”

Airspeeder says that the first racing series will see four teams, with two remote pilots each, compete in three individual events.

The teams will have to compete in a pre-season event that will pit them in an internal drag-race style competition.

Each team will be piloting Alauda Aeronautics’ Mk3 EXA racecraft. Each vehicle will have the same specifications which means that it’s the pilot’s skill and team strategy that will help determine the race winners.

Both Airspeeder and Alauda have big plans for the technology developed in the races. That said, they look to take the lead in advanced air mobility and bring the age of the Jetsons closer to reality.

Airspeeder says the technology behind Alauda’s eVTOLs has the potential to ease up congestio through clean-air passenger applications like air taxis.

Photos from Airspeeder

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