Which 2021 Kia Stinger color should you choose?

kia stinger

Dubbed as “the new paradigm of gran turismo, the Kia Stinger is hands down the most powerful offering from the South Korean car maker to date. The 2021 Kia Stinger—a carryover model from last year—is propelled by a 3.3-liter V6 direct-injection twin-turbo engine outputting 365hp and 510Nm. The powerful engine links to an 8-speed automatic transmission with shift-by wire feature and controlled via paddle shifters.

kia stinger

The currently available Stinger comes in three color options. Check out the description for each hue below to see which one suits your personal  style and personality best.

Snow White Pearl

According to studies, those who choose white for their car are quite the nitpickers for road rules. The color white is also associated with elegance and purity. This means that white color owners favor being direct in communication, and tend to be easily irritated by those who can’t get to the point quickly. Many gadgets today come in white, so as of late, white has also been linked with being trendy and fashionable. So if you want to give off the impression of being contemporary and elegant, a Snow White Pearl Kia Stinger will be the one for you.

Hi Chroma Red

kia stinger

Red is the color of sensuality and passion, and the Kia Stinger’s Hi Chroma Red hue perfectly radiates these vivacious characteristics. Bold, dynamic, and daring—these are the ideas that the shade of red expresses. It’s also the color of high performance, and the Stinger’s subdued sportiness goes well with individuals who want a lightning-fast sedan with the sleek sophistication to match.

Aurora Black Pearl

kia stinger

Black is often thought of as the color of luxury and sophistication. Lately, it’s also been the go-to color for sportiness, with many GT-themed models coming decked in all-black regalia. It is also seen as a powerful color, suggesting those behind the wheel of a black car have a somewhat authoritative and assertive personality. As such, drivers of black cars are likely to be arrogant on the road. If you’re a lover of black, hopefully, you don’t fit this stereotype, because the Kia Stinger’s high speed capabilities combined with your inherent aggressiveness could be a recipe for disaster on the road.

More about the Kia Stinger

Unveiled to the world in 2017, the Stinger is basically a newbie in its segment. Nevertheless, this sports car offering from Kia has managed to kick up a storm since its introduction. Now more than three years old, the sporty fastback finally receives some clever updates that further prove its gran turismo abilities while boosting comfort and convenience inside the cabin.

As a rear-wheel drive, the Stinger powers to a 0-100kmph acceleration time of 4.9secs. A limited-slip differential adds verve confidence to the vehicle’s terrain responsiveness.

But more than a sports car, the Stinger is also designed to deliver a plush ride. Inside, there’s plenty of leather upholstery to impress. The low-slung driver's seat further lends credibility to the car's sporty stance, while numerous design and technical refinements that scream upscale elegance. The aircraft-inspired vents serve as a nice throwback to the classic sports cars of years past, lending the Stinger cabin an charming vintage vibe.

Though design cues are heavily mired in sports car tradition, they nevertheless manage to be exceptionally modern, from the instrument panel that consists of a seven-inch multi-function display, to the Integrated Memory System lets you store seat and side mirror settings. There’s even ambient lighting to set the mood, ventilated front seats to keep your backsidecozy, and an ultra-cool triple-zone climate control to ensure every occupant enjoys the same level of comfort as everybody else. There's also a 15-speaker Harman/Kardon premium sound system delivering high quality audio to match the engine’s mammoth revs.


The 2020 Kia Stinger starts at PHP 3.32 million, and is designed to compete with the Ford Mustang, Honda Civic Type R, Toyota GT-R, Nissan 370Z, and the like. Carmudi has a selection of Kia Stinger models for your purchase consideration.

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