Which Toyota is more fuel-efficient: the Vios or Wigo?


With today’s skyrocketing fuel prices, many Filipino motorists are favoring more fuel-efficient vehicles. And in that regard, two nameplates from the country’s leading automotive brand immediately come to mind: the Toyota Vios and the Toyota Wigo.

Just which of them is better? Let’s find out.



Under the hood of the Toyota Vios can either be a 1.3- or a 1.5-liter gasoline engine. These powertrains can either be mated to a manual gearbox or a more fuel-efficient CVT. The 1.3-liter engine makes around 98 horses while the larger 1.5-liter engine makes about 106 horses.

The Wigo, on the other hand, is equipped with a 1.0-liter gasoline engine across the board. Available trannies include a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic, both making around 65 horses.


In theory, a larger, beefier vehicle would require more power which in turn burns more gasoline affecting its fuel efficiency.

Without a doubt, the Toyota Vios is larger and heavier than the Toyota Wigo. The compact sedan is 4,425mm long, 1,730mm wide, and 1,475mm tall. It can fit five full-sized adults easily, albeit with very little elbow room. Meanwhile, the subcompact car measures 3,660mm long, 1,600mm wide, and only 1,520mm tall. At the front, two full-sized adults can sit comfortably but it would be challenging to cram three people at the rear.



A vehicle’s tires can also a play in its ability to conserve fuel. Ideally, driving in the city with larger and wider tires would consume more gasoline because they are heavier and would have a higher rolling resistance than smaller tires.

Conversely, a vehicle with a smaller tire is said to offer better fuel economy because of the abovementioned factors.

Depending on the variant, the Toyota Vios can ride on 14-, 15-, or 16-inch wheels. The Toyota Wigo is equipped with a 14-inch wheel across the range.

Fuel economy

With these things in mind, one could make out just how fuel-efficient these Toyota cars are. In the city, the Toyota Vios (1.5-liter G CVT variant) clocks in at 8km/L while the Toyota Wigo (1.0-liter TRD-S variant) registers at 10.5 to 12km/L. On the freeway, the sedan consumes 21 to 23km/L while the hatch consumes about 22km/L.

Based on these numbers, the Toyota Vios offers better mileage in the city while the Toyota Wigo makes for a better ride — fuel-wise — on the highway.

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