Yamaha PH launches 2021 Nmax

Yamaha NMax

Following the introduction of the Y-Connect, Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. (YMPH) has revealed the 2021 edition of the well-loved Nmax, giving it upgrades similar to owning a maxi-scooter.

Spearheading the upgrades for the latest iteration of the Yamaha Nmax is the availability of the Y-Connect, a mobile device-based app that is set to give riders the right amount of information relevant to keeping highly-utilizing the well-received scooter.

Also fitted in the new Yamaha Nmax are the Traction Control System, and Smart Key System for the new Nmax ABS. The traction control reduces the drive to the rear wheel to maintain traction while the Smart Key enables the rider to start the machine using the main switch knob without inserting the key.

Yamaha NMax

Aside from that, it has Anti-Brake lock System (ABS) for better stopping power for the 230-millimeter front and rear disc brakes.

Still powering the new NMAX ABS is the four-stroke 155-cc liquid-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder, four-valve fuel-injected engine with CVT and Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) engine.  The powertrain is also equipped with Smart Motor Generator (SMG) for quiet engine start.

The multifunction full digital speedometer now has bigger and easy-to-read LCD instruments that shows a bar-type fuel gauge, speedometer, clock, fuel economy data, and displays Y-Connect notifications when paired successfully.

Yamaha NMax 

For your mobile phone use, a 12-voilt power socket is placed in the left-hand storage, while the right-side storage pocket comes with a waterproof lid that can fit a large seven- to eight-inch smartphone or tablet.  

For luggage, the new Nmax has a 23.3-liter capacity, enough to fit an XL Full Face Helmet. It also carries a 7.1-liter fuel tank located inside the center tunnel and can be accessed with a press of a button.

Available in Sword Gray, Icon Gray, (all variants) Power Gray Matte (exclusive to the latest offering with Y-Connect New Nmax 2020) and Matte Red (on the new base offer), the new Nmax is retailed at P119,900 and P144,500.

Photos from Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc.

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