A good motorcycle but quite basic

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

I did buy this motorcycle and now I kind of have second thoughts. I was never a fan of these motorcycles solely because of how loud they are but after I tried it out I realized it's annoying when you are hearing it not when you are riding it. So, with that hypocrisy in mind, I went ahead and bought this model. After around 5-6 months of daily riding the infatuation wore off slowly, and now I felt I am left with an old-looking motorcycle that is just loud and obnoxious. The fuel efficiency is pretty garbage although the fuel tank is pretty huge to compensate for that. The overall cruising experience on this motorcycle is good but I don’t have time to cruise anymore. So, yeah, feels good at first but six months down the line you really start questioning your impulse purchase decisions.


Henry Thursday Nov 25, 2021 17:46:29

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