Used Subaru Car for Sale in Philippines

Jun 24, 2021 - Currently, 72 Used Subaru Car for Sale in Philippines. Find great deals on good condition 72 second hand Cars for sale in the Philippines with price, features, images and specifications. Check out the largest stock of used Cars all over the Philippines, starting at ₱287,000 only.

72 Used Subaru available for sale in the Philippines, the cheapest Subaru is available for ₱287,000 . Get great deals and promos on Subaru for sale in Philippines, view detailed Subaru price list (DP & Monthly Installment), reviews, fuel consumption, images, specifications, used Subaru variant details & more. Select your favorite drive out of available 72 used cars and make your dream come true of buying your own car.

Subaru Philippines: Overview

Philippines is one of the largest markets for Subaru primarily because of two reasons- the world-class car quality and the optimal model performance. Perhaps it is due to these two reasons that Subaru has established 17 authorized dealers in the country, along with plans of opening up several new in the coming years. With 7 in-line cars present in the Filipino market, the brand has established a strong foothold here, which is why it’s gaining more and more appreciation.

Local Presence of Subaru Car Models

Subaru is actually famous for the giant hulks, mainly the Subaru SUVs, Subaru MPVs, and Subaru crossovers. The main 7 options from Subaru currently available in the Philippines market are Subaru XV, Subaru Forester, Subaru Levorg, Subaru BRZ, Subaru Outback, Subaru WRX, and the Subaru WRX STI.

Pre-Owned Subaru Cars: Why Would You Want One?

Truth be told, Subaru has established a vast network in the Philippines, and perhaps that’s the reason why the used cars from this brand are becoming a top choice for many people. These cars not only come in well-maintained conditions but also at a reduced sale price which will save you from digging a hole in your pocket.

Used Subaru Cars for Sale on Carmudi

Out of many car dealers present in the Philippines, it is the Carmudi platform that has gained a lot of importance in recent years. Here, about ten percent of the cars are listed by the owners while the rest are out up by the authorized car dealers. At Carmudi, you wouldn’t have to pay a lot in buying the used Subaru cars. Here, we have briefed some of the top Subaru vehicles you can look for:

Pros and Cons of Buying Second Hand Subaru Cars Over New Cars

Second Hand Subaru Cars Pros:

  • Low car costs: One of the main reasons for which the Subaru second hand cars have become famous is the reduced costs of the same. These cars usually come at a 10 to 70 percent reduced price which is way less than what the market has to offer.
  • Lowered insurance premium: As insurance will already exist for the car, you won’t have to bear a huge premium amount for the used Subaru model you will be buying.
  • Lots of varieties: Yes, it’s true that with the second hand car choice, you can try out the Subaru models which have been taken out of the market.

Second Hand Subaru Cars Cons:

  • Risks of hidden problems: most owners would never come clean to you about the car’s problems or the list of times when the vehicle was involved in an accident. This can prove to be a huge problem in the future.
  • Decreased car’s beauty: it’s very obvious that a used Subaru car will never look as attractive as the new ones, which might be a questionable factor for some.

It’s not easy to avoid these consequences. But, with Carmudi as your partner, you will be able to drive a Subaru which looks almost like a new model bought from the showroom with least problems.

Buy Second Hand Subaru Cars in Cities of Philippines

Get 2nd Hand Subaru Cars with Price Range

Used Subaru Cars for Sale by Model Years

Benefits of Buying Used Subaru Cars from Carmudi

  • Quality options
  • Hassle-free process

Used Subaru Car for Sale in Philippines Price List

Used Subaru Car for Sale in Philippines Price List start at ₱287,000 for the model Subaru Forester, in all a total of 72 2nd hand cars available for sale in the Philippines

Model Price List
Subaru Tribeca Starts @ ₱1.4 Million*
Subaru Legacy Starts @ ₱488,000 *
Subaru Levorg Starts @ ₱988,000 *
Subaru Forester Starts @ ₱287,000 *
Subaru WRX STI Starts @ ₱1.038 Million*
Subaru XV Starts @ ₱558,000 *
Subaru WRX Starts @ ₱1.138 Million*
Subaru BRZ Starts @ ₱548,788 *
Subaru Impreza Starts @ ₱380,000 *
Subaru Outback Starts @ ₱800,000 *

Subaru Dealers

There are 18 authorized Subaru cars dealers across 17 cities in the Philippines.

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2016 Subaru Outback 2021

32,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.5L

  • ₱948,000
View Seller Details
2013 Subaru Forester

90,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0 AT

  • ₱498,000
View Seller Details
2010 Subaru Impreza

37,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0L MT

  • ₱648,000
View Seller Details
2010 Subaru Impreza

68,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0L AT

  • ₱658,000
View Seller Details
2012 Subaru XV

55,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0L AT

  • ₱558,000
View Seller Details
2013 Subaru Forester

60,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0i-L CVT

  • ₱550,000
View Seller Details
2014 Subaru Forester

98,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0i-Premium

  • ₱595,000
View Seller Details
2016 Subaru Forester

35,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0i-L

  • ₱650,000
View Seller Details
2019 Subaru Forester

19,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0i-S EyeSight

  • ₱1.491 Million
View Seller Details

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