10 gift ideas for car owners

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While Christmas might be over, it’s never too late to give the car enthusiast in your life a fitting gift. On that note, here are 10 perfect presents for those who are into cars.


  • What gifts for car enthusiasts can be personalized?

    While almost all gifts can be customized, popular ones include air fresheners and keyholders.
  • What gift can help a car owner collect evidence in the event of an accident?

    A dashcam can help a car owner collect evidence in the event of an accident.
  • 12-volt port adapter

    While most modern cars come with USB ports, older vehicles might still sport 12-volt sockets. That said, a 12-volt port adapter would make for a great gift idea for loved ones who drive classic cars.

    Portable vacuum cleaner

    Keeping a car clean is no easy feat — especially for those who ride with their kids and their pets. A portable vacuum cleaner can help a car owner easily get rid of cookie crumbles and pet fur.

    And while we’re on the topic of keeping cars clean…

    Car cleaning kit

    car cleaning kit

    You can’t go wrong with a car cleaning kit. This is a helpful present for any car enthusiast as it can help save them carwash money. It also makes for a great activity for parents who want to introduce their kids to automotive maintenance.

    Air freshener

    Little Trees

    Air fresheners also make for great gifts for the car guy (or girl) in your life. And with the advent of all things customized, one can now order a personalized air freshener with custom pictures and designs.


    Keyholders, (better known as key chains), are always appreciated. There are tons of designs one can choose from, like disc brakes and shock absorbers to those that bear the carmaker’s badge.

    Dashboard camera


    If you’re feeling a little generous, you can give your car-loving friend or family member a dashcam. We can’t stress how important having a dashcam is. It can help the car owner collect evidence — should they get involved in some sort of accident.

    Car cover

    It’s no secret that car owners treat their rides as babies (or second wives). That said, giving them a decent car cover will help them provide their vehicles with some level of protection.

    Gas gift card

    With erratic pump prices, a gas gift card will be a welcome present — unless the person you’re giving it to owns an electric vehicle (EV).


    A multi-tool also makes for a great gift for those who love cars. This can save them from sticky situations and help them mend minor issues with their vehicles.

    Car battery charger

    CTEK CS Free

    Another useful gift for car enthusiasts is a car battery charger. There are locally-available products that will not only help car owners jump-start their vehicles but also serve as a heavy-duty power bank. 

    Photos from Ruben Manahan IV and CTEK

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