2023 Yamaha XMax: The 2 tempting colors

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Just a few days ago, Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) introduced the all-new 2023 XMax to the local maxi scooter segment.


  • What are the two colors of the 2023 Yamaha XMax?

    The two colors of the 2023 Yamaha XMax are Dark Petrol and Sword Gray.
  • How much is the 2023 Yamaha XMax?

    The 2023 Yamaha XMax is priced at P229,500.
  • Its arrival bolstered the already well-appointed nameplate and added advanced features to the mid-range scoot.

    And as always, its broad body makes for a befitting background for the two tempting colors available for the 2023 Yamaha XMax.

    Let’s check them out.

    Dark Petrol

    YMPH kept the Dark Petrol paint for the 2023 Yamaha XMax.

    all-new xmax

    And just like with the outgoing model, this dark hue with a hint of blue gives the all-new Yamaha XMax a more imposing appeal that will give riders a more dominating road presence.

    Speaking of which, the 2023 Yamaha XMax wears an unmistakable LED headlight flanked by upgraded high-mount turn signals.

    all-new xmax 3

    Now found on the wing-like appliques on the maxi scoot’s large adjustable windshield, the updated pair of lights can better signal motorists and other road users should the rider be changing lanes or turning left or right.

    Further, Yamaha gave the all-new XMax an LED strip brake light and taillights with redder lenses.

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    Other exterior upgrades offered by the all-new Yamaha XMax include a newly designed seat, which is said to improve leg reach as well as new side covers and heat outlets that are now made with scratch-resistant Polypropylene plastic.

    Sword Gray

    Replacing the previously available Power Gray, Sword Gray imbues the 2023 Yamaha XMax with an air of modern sophistication.

    all-new xmax 1

    Speaking of which, the all-new Yamaha XMax boasts two new displays: a 3.5-inch LED speedometer and a 4.2-inch infotainment system.

    all-new xmax 5

    The former displays relevant driving information such as the maxi scoot’s running speed, remaining fuel, and odometer reading. The latter, on the other hand, shows things like incoming phone calls, text messages, music, and even weather updates.

    Additionally, the 2023 Yamaha XMax now packs onboard navigation by way of a Garmin-powered application developed exclusively for the motorcycle.

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    During the reveal of the 2023 Yamaha XMax and the upgraded Mio Gravis, the YMPH’s leadership said that both bikes should be available this week.

    The all-new Yamaha XMax is priced at P229,500.

    Photos from Juan Paulo Papa

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