Yamaha PH launches updated Mio Gravis, all-new XMax

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Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) wowed attendees of the 15th Inside Racing Bike Fest when it launched the updated Mio Gravis and the all-new XMax at one of the country’s most-awaited motorcycle expo.


  • How much is the new Yamaha Mio Gravis?

    The new Yamaha Mio Gravis stickers for P93,900.
  • What is the price of the all-new Yamaha XMax?

    The all-new Yamaha XMax is priced at P299,500.
  • For 2023, YMPH said that the design of the Yamaha Mio Gravis leans towards a fusion of active and elegant mobility.

    updated mio gravis 1 updated mio gravis

    At the fore is a new face that looks more aggressive than the outgoing model. Noticeable is its larger headlight with thinner, sharper bezels on the side and faux carbon fiber appliques on its chin.

    updated mio gravis 7 updated mio gravis 6 updated mio gravis 8

    Additionally, the 2023 Yamaha Mio Gravis sports a larger and sportier meter panel as well as redesigned seat handles.

    However, the most notable upgrade to the small-displacement scoot is the addition of the Yamaha Y-Connect to its arsenal. Through it, would-be owners of the 2023 Yamaha Mio Gravis can enjoy features like checking their last parked location and gas consumption, among others.

    updated mio gravis 3

    Under its fairings is the same 125 cubic capacity (cc), air-cooled, four-stroke engine fitted on its predecessor. On paper, it makes 9.3 horsepower, which is decent enough for daily city rides.

    updated mio gravis 9

    Other familiar features carried over to the 2023 model include its bottom-mounted fuel tank with a front-positioned fuel lid, its 12-volt direct-current socket, the integrated bottle holder, and its 25-liter under-seat compartment.

    updated mio gravis 11updated mio gravis 5 updated mio gravis 12 updated mio gravis 10

    The 2023 Yamaha Mio Gravis is now offered in three colors (Matte Black, Matte Brown, and Glam Petrol) and is priced at P93,900.

    It is P4,000 more expensive than the 2022 Yamaha Mio Gravis, which is priced at P89,900.

    all-new xmax

    As for the all-new Yamaha XMax, YMPH decided to equip the maxi scoot with a more sophisticated suite of motorcycle technology. Now standard is an onboard navigation system, which comes by way of a Garmin-powered smartphone application. Through the free app, those behind the handlebar of the 2023 Yamaha XMax can view real-time traffic conditions, estimated time of arrival, and the remaining distance between them and their destination.

    all-new xmax 7

    Further, the maxi scoot now gets a 4.2-inch thin-film transistor infotainment display and a 3.2-inch LCD speedometer. Functioning pretty much like digital screens on your entry-level sedan, the infotainment system allows riders access to functions like answering phone calls, checking text messages and other notifications, playing music, and even getting weather updates.

    all-new xmax 5

    Other notable features flaunted by the all-new Yamaha XMax include high-mounted front signal lamps, an adjustable screen and handlebar, an optimized seat shape and storage, its dual rear shock absorbers, as well as a smart key system.

    all-new xmax 3all-new xmax 13 all-new xmax 10

    The 2023 Yamaha XMax has retained the same 292cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine that powers the outgoing model. It puts out 27 horses.

    all-new xmax 11

    Offered in Sword Gray and Dark Petrol, the all-new Yamaha XMax is priced at P299,500.

    For comparison’s sake, the 2022 Yamaha XMax is priced at P274,000.

    Both models are expected to be available this week.

    When asked if the company is targeting a particular figure in terms of sales for both the updated Yamaha Mio Gravis and the all-new XMax, YMPH Marketing Section Manager Toni Acuesta told Carmudi Philippines that the demand for the aforementioned scooters is beyond the brand’s forecast.

    toni acuesta

    Doubts about stock availability were quickly dispelled as Acuesta pointed out that YMPH is looking to get support from its ASEAN neighbors to supply it with a good number of motorcycles.

    Photos from Juan Paulo Papa

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