4 Top Tips for Safe Driving This Rainy Season

4 Top Tips for Safe Driving This Rainy Season

Driving in the rain can be quite troublesome, and in some cases, it can be downright unsafe. Whenever you're behind the wheel and it's raining heavily, it pays to be focused on your surroundings. Distracted driving is already a huge risk on its own, and adding low visibility and wet roads to the equation only serve to put you in more danger. With that in mind, CARMUDI PHILIPPINES shares with you four good tips to help you keep safe and avoid any untoward incidents while driving this rainy season.

1. Turn your headlights on

Rain can reduce visibility, so always keep/turn your headlights on when it's raining. Doing so serves two important purposes: one, it allows you to see further, and two, it lets drivers from the opposite direction know that you're there. It also allows you to see slick and heavily waterlogged spots on the road more easily. If your car has fog lights, use them. Next time you're driving during a heavy downpour, take note of the cars that do not have their headlights on and observe how difficult it is for you to see that car.

2. Be wary of larger vehicles

Pay close attention to large vehicles on the road, such as trucks and trailers, as they approach or pass you by. These vehicles are more prone to losing control during strong wind and rain, and their drivers may find it difficult to stay in their lanes. Likewise, regardless of the size of the vehicle in front of you, give yourself more space than usual when faced with a heavy rainstorm so you'll have more time to react to traffic.

3. Keep your windshield clean and clear

A windshield that's free from any dirt, deposit, and excess moisture lets you see what's in front of your car better and respond quicker to the outside environment. That's why visibility is extremely important when it’s raining. If your windshield contains any cracks or other defects in your line of vision, you need to have it taken care of immediately. If you see streaks on your windshield when you use your wiper, wipe the blades clean or replace them.

4. Protect yourself from hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is what happens when your tires fail to get a grip on the road and you lose control of your car's direction. This usually occurs when you step on the brakes abruptly while the car is at high speeds. To prevent your car from hydroplaning, keep your speeds at manageable levels when it rains, and again, keep your distance from other vehicles so you won't have to make abrupt stops. It also helps to ensure that your tires are properly inflated before travel.

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