5 Coolest and Useful Gifts for Car Enthusiasts This New Year

Giving gifts to car nuts were way simpler back then. Give them a couple of CDs, or a tape cassette head cleaner, magazines, car shirt, or a toy car collectible and you're in for good.

However, giving gifts have become far more complicated these days. Technology is more advanced, and the thought of giving a tape cassette head cleaner will raise eyebrows everywhere. If you're looking for some ideas on what's the best gift this New Year to give to a car lover these days, then you should definitely look into these suggestions:

Scooter Kick Bike. Scooter Kick Bikes aren't just for kids or teens. It's also for the young at heart (or those undergoing their mid-life crisis right now). Fun, lightweight, and convenient (it's foldable) to use and versatile. In fact, they're a great alternative to bikes (which obviously weigh heavier and less compact than a scooter kick bike).

Are you loaded with cash? Then this gift is for you. But no need to fret if you’re skimping on the pesos, though. The good thing about them is that their price range is quite huge.  So you can buy one at a cheaper P2,000 to the more expensive P20,000.

Dash Cameras. Want to put a smile on a car nut's face? Give them a dashcam for Christmas. These gadgets are very useful, especially in the event of an accident. It's actually a great security blanket. Truth is, it's easier to believe hearsays; but when the dashcam shows what really happened, then no one can dispute that.

The decent ones start at around P3,000, but you can invest in the more high end ones to get more features and storage.

Mini Pro Jump Starters. These mini pro jump starters are what stands between your car’s dead battery--and going home in one piece. Of course, you can have someone do this for you at any gas station, but if your battery breaks down in the middle of the desert or heaven knows where, then having that jump starter somewhere will literally save you and your car’s life.

Here’s something you might like: a battery pack that also doubles as a jump starter: The Anker PowerCore Jump Starter mini can jump start your vehicle with an engine up to 2.8-liter. It also has USB ports that charge your mobile devices while you’re on the road. Pretty neat.

Automotive Tools. Here's another must-have in any car lover's growing arsenal. Automobile tools are not just for those who like tinkering with their cars, but also for those that like to drive a lot. Really, you never know what might happen, and having these around can help you manage your vehicles and keep them in tip-top shape.

Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Nightsticks (to work on the dark, undercarriage of the vehicle)

  • Sockets and Wrenches (if possible, include flexible sockets to use for tight places)

  • Needle Scaler (to get rid of rust)

  • Pliers (different kinds)

  • Floor Jack (in case your car dies out on the road)

  • Pry Tools (these small gadgets are used for repairing cell phones, but can also come handy when repairing or cleaning interior parts, like the radio, dash buttons, etc.)

  • Magnets (to place small screws, fasteners, nails etc. so you won't misplace them)

  • Digital, Computer-Safe Circuit Tester (one of the best gadgets to use when testing your car's circuit, since they don't need a grounding cable.

Wireless Powerbanks. There’s nothing that can make your day worse than waiting for an important call with a dead cellphone on hand. And while your phone can come in handy as a paperweight, it’s not really worth that much if you can’t use it to contact someone.

Wireless Powerbanks are great back-ups in case these things happen to you. What’s more, these battery packs can also charge your laptop in case it decides to croak out on you, too. Whatever the case, they’re extremely useful for anyone who owns any gadget.

These portable battery chargers can juice out around 5,000 mAh to 24,000 mAh, which can be great for multiple gadgets. The cheaper ones are priced at around P1,500. We suggest you invest on the more expensive ones because they’re more tough and long-lasting.


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