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5 Glaring Signs You Need to Look for a New Car Repair Shop–Fast!

If you’ve brought your car in for repairs many times before, you’ve probably encountered a service shop that gives you a nagging feeling that you’re overpaying or getting unnecessary work done. Although there are plenty of good service shops around, there will always be those who prey on the vulnerable. Here are five ways to tell that it’s time for you to find a new auto repair shop for your car.

1. They don’t provide you with a written estimate

A good repair shop will give you a detailed quote for what the job is going to cost, which should include labor rates and parts prices, along with materials consumed. Granted, the repair can uncover additional problems, and the costs listed in the estimate may vary with actual prices, but your final bill should never be a total surprise. Every work done should be subject to your approval, and the estimate should be updated accordingly.

2. They don’t show you the old parts

A good service shop will take out the damaged part and show it to you. Not only that, they will send the damaged part home with you when you leave with your repaired car. If they didn’t show you the damage, there’s a good chance that it wasn’t broken in the first place, and they just replaced it for no other reason than to see a fool part with his money.

3. The mechanics aren’t certified

The days of apprenticeship died at the beginning of the industrial age. Nowadays, a mechanic must have a certification to prove that he can perform vehicle repairs efficiently and safely. Make sure to ask the service shop about the certification of their mechanics. Look for those who invest in the regular education and training of their people as this means they are updated with new trends and technologies in the industry.

4. They don’t own up to their errors

Service shops are run by people, and because of that, there’s always the capacity for human error. So even if a repair went smoothly, something can still go wrong after the repair and you’ve driven off with your car. If the problem is related to the repair, a good shop will confirm this for you, make sure to correct its mistakes, and not give you the runaround.

5. Customer satisfaction is not considered paramount

Although your primary reason for being there is to have your car problem fixed, that doesn’t mean that’s the only area of service that a repair shop should focus on. Among other things, the premises should be clean and organized, the staff courteous and professional, and the repair done in a timely, efficient, and high quality manner–all to ensure that you have an enjoyable, if not exceptional, customer experience.

If you believe that your auto repair shop doesn’t value you as a customer, you should start looking for a new one before a serious car problem crops up. Ask friends and family for recommendations, and read customer reviews and ratings online to help you with your selection.

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  1. February 21, 2019 at 4:15 am — Reply

    These are all spot on and a nice list of information about signs that we need to look for a new car shop to trust. Choosing the right auto shop to work on any of your car related problem can be challenging as you need to know sufficient information to choose wisely such as the service they provide and their reputation in the industry. Having the right car repair shop to trust with your car is definitely beneficial to you and your car as it keeps your car working efficiently on the road and prevent costly repairs.

    Additionally, before bringing your car to a car repair shop try to gather relevant information regarding your concern to avoid being tricked.

    However, not all car repair problems need to be performed by a mechanic in the car shop. There are some basic car repairs you can handle which can you prevent from spending too much money on repairs.

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