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5 Signs Saying It’s Time to Replace Your Shock Absorbers

Your car’s shock absorbers help to control the impact and movement of your vehicle’s springs and suspension, thereby smoothening out bumps and vibrations. But more than contributing to a smooth ride, your shocks also ensure that your tires remain in contact with the road surface at all times, thus providing you with better control and braking response from your vehicle.

Now that you know how important your shock absorbers are, it’s vital that you keep an eye out for when you start to encounter problems with them. When you do, have them replaced immediately. Shock absorbers are sealed and maintenance-free units, making repairs impossible, so replacement is the only option when they become too worn out or damaged. Remember these five symptoms of a failing shock absorber.

Bouncing car

When your shocks are damaged, loose or stuck, the tires can’t make proper contact with the road, resulting in a bouncy, uncomfortable ride.

Excessive body lean when braking

If braking causes the front end to dip excessively, or worse, swerve uncontrollably, worn shocks may be the guilty party. Be careful, as this a dangerous sign that puts your safety at risk.

Car swerves when hit by side/cross winds

You shouldn’t have to correct your car’s steering direction in the face of mild gusts. If your car tends to run unsteadily when a side or cross wind hits, you could be dealing with a shock absorber problem.

Steering wheel vibrations

Uneven roads can naturally cause a little steering wheel vibration, but if you steering wheel shudders even when you’re on a smooth road, that’s a sign of a serious shock issue. Avoid driving at high speeds, as the vibrations could become harder to control.

Rattling sounds

Your shocks are kept in place by rubber bushings. When these become worn, knocks and rattles are the result. Another sound to watch out for is a dull thumping sound, indicating that your tires are whacking up and down the road and losing contact at certain points.

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