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6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Automatic Car in Good Condition

It’s easy operate an automatic transmission vehicle; what’s more difficult however, is maintaining it. This type of engine has a complex system, and requires more fuel to power its components. ‘Matics also need those regular checkups to keep their parts in tip-top shape, which all add up to more expenses down the road.

They say that an ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure. This is true, even when maintaining your vehicle. So one of the best ways to bring your car expenses down is to avoid doing those mistakes that can turn into more serious problems later on. And really–if it’s serious, then chances are, they’re expensive as well. Here are some ways to add in those “ounces of prevention” when driving your automatic transmission vehicle:

Avoid shifting neutral during red light.

We know you’re doing everything you can to save fuel, but this will actually cost you more in the long run if you switch into and out of neutral mode. Doing this can wear out your drive shaft fast, which can make for expensive repairs.

Don’t set your car in neutral mode when you slide it down an inclined hill or plane.

Doing this cuts out the oil supply, preventing the oil from properly lubricating the transmission while slowing the car down.

Avoid shifting gears when your car is moving.

Shifting gears like this will wear out your car’s gearbox very fast. Make it a habit to shift into “Park” without pushing the brakes. And don’t forget to use your brakes when stopping.

Keep your fuel tank full–or at least half-full at all times.

Running on low fuel at all times is bad for your ‘matic, since they prevent it from getting the proper lubrication it needs to run properly. What’s more, low fluids can overheat your car’s engine fast, and may cause the small sediments at the bottom of the fuel tank to circulate inside the engine and transmission. This can damage some of their parts, which would cost you a lot on repairs later on.

Don’t switch your gear to “Park” before you completely stop your vehicle.

You risk breaking the “Park” mode’s locking pin which attaches itself to the shaft of the gearbox (where the wheels are also connected).

Avoid revving-up the engine before you switch gears.

Revving up the engine causes a lot of friction between the car’s internal parts, and can cause a lot of damage to the transmission.

Prevention is one of the most important keys to keeping your automatic transmission in good shape. It only takes some effort and strong commitment on your part, but you’ll definitely reap the rewards later on.

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