7 car warnings you should not ignore

Cars every now and again will surprise their owner with unexpected maintenance needs. However, the manufacturers of the vehicles do help by installing ‘warning lights’ that inform the driver to give their cars a check-up. 7 of these indicators are listed below.    


Engine-Light When the check engine light beams it can mean many things relating to the engine both big and small. The most sensible course of action is to take your car to a garage as soon as you see it flash.  

Service Engine

Service-engine-light This light flashes in intervals informing the car driver that it is time for some scheduled maintenance. This ranges from miles counted to various fluid temperatures in the vehicle, depending on what respective car manuals suggest.  

Electrical Fault

Electrical-fault-light This light slightly different in every car, but is usually a battery image. This means that the battery needs charging or that there is a fault with the mechanisms that charge the battery. It is advisable to action this before the battery dies and the engine stops working.  

Brake Warning

Brake-warning-light This light is used for multiple purposes relating to the breaking mechanisms of the car. If it is a problem of the handbrake then you may notice the smell of burning brake dust. Each manufacturer may have different meanings for this symbol, so be sure to check the car manual.  

Anti-lock braking system

ABS-light This brake warning light will simply flash ‘ABS’. The cost of fixing the problem when this light comes varies. But, should the light flash rather than remain steady, then the car should be seen to immediately.  

Coolant warning

Collant-All-rights-reserved-by-goddrivemag.com_ This light indicates that the coolant levels in the radiator need topping up. Never open the radiator when the cap is hot! Otherwise you may be sprayed with extremely hot coolant. Always top up the system with coolant from a shop otherwise use distilled water.  

Oil warning


This light typically means that the oil pressure is too low. This is a serious issue and if you continue to drive whilst it flashes, you run the risk of the engine dying. Another reason for this light flashing could be to do with faulty pumps, so be sure to take care of this right away.

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