8 Things to Remember for a Safer Bike Ride

Heavy traffic, air and noise pollution, and road rage are some of the challenging realities every city dweller faces. Traveling on a motorcycle, therefore, has become a practical choice for many to help them overcome these daily struggles and to avoid sitting on congested roads for hours.

To save time, bike riders often weave between trucks, cars, and other motorbikes--making them even more susceptible to accidents such as crashing into or getting sideswiped by other vehicles, slamming into lamp posts and other objects on the road, or worse, hitting and hurting pedestrians.

To ensure a hassle-free and safer drive on traffic-choked streets, here are some points from Castrol Activ to take note of when riding your motorbike:

1. Be alert.

You are in the best state to bike when you’re awake and alert. Avoid riding when you’re sleepy, had even a sip of alcohol, or are already exhausted from a long day at work.

2. Be familiar with traffic rules.

Knowing the to-do’s while on the road can save lives, especially yours. There are wise reasons behind most traffic regulations, so sticking to the rules is a must.

3. Check your tires.

It’s vital to check and cross-check your bike’s condition before hitting the road. Check for any bulges or cracks on your tires. Your tire pressure affects the handling of your bike, so it is best to follow the recommended pressure for your tires.

4. Adjust your chain.

Give that chain a quick pull with your finger to ensure it’s not too tight or too loose. Long-distance trips accelerate the wearing of your chains. Replace the entire assembly if it’s already worn out.

5. Change your oil.

Engine oil is the life blood of a motorcycle. Check your oil levels before going on a ride, and change it religiously. Regular oil changes, along with choosing the right brand, ensures engine protection from overheating and abuse, and leads to better bike performance.

6. Tune up the engine.

Clean up those filters, tighten your valves, and address all leaks. Losing a grip on your bike while in motion is not something you’d want to happen, so before going anywhere, ensure that your engine parts are on point.

7. Check the brakes.

Test your front and rear brakes. Ensure that they feel firm and are able to hold the motorcycle still when fully applied.

8. Wear the proper gear.

Riding responsibly is never a waste of time. Wearing helmets and motorcycle clothing can make a big difference and protect you from potential harm.

Filipinos pride themselves on having a sense of "Walang Bibitaw," the attitude of never letting go despite all hardships and challenges. By adapting these tips to their daily ride, you not only win your daily road battles, but also help keep your communities safe.


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