All-New Hyundai Elantra: World Premiere Highlights

hyundai elantra

Celebrating its 30th year of production, Hyundai has revealed the seventh generation of the Elantra—and it is as gorgeous as ever.

Hyundai officially launched its all-new 2021 Elantra and Elantra Hybrid at The Lot Studios in West Hollywood with a special event broadcast around the world.

Last April 15, the Korean company released a 2 and a half minute, high-energy, immersive video that captures Elantra’s essence and highlights its best attributes.

The newest Hyundai Elantra is a stunner, with sleek, flowing lines that accentuate its sharp angles and contrasting curves. Arriving later this year, the all-new Elantra is built wider, longer, and lower than its predecessor. The front fascia has been fully rebuilt, now sporting a massive chrome grille and slanted LED headlights. Turning at the side, you will catch a glimpse of the Elantra’s triangular side profile lines.

The two lines that intersect and finally converge into one sharp angle gives the car a bold, aggressive look. The back side is just as gorgeous as the others. The taillights are angled and eventually merge into one LED strip, with the Elantra badge directly below. The overall profile of the vehicle now slopes downwards, giving it a fastback roofline.

hyundai elantra

The inside is nothing short of luxurious. Hyundai specifically designed the cabin to “surround the driver like an aircraft cockpit”. There are two 10.25 inch touchscreens that contain both the navigation and digital gauge cluster, a wireless charging dock, and Hyundai’s new “Digital Key” technology that allows Elantra to be unlocked, started and driven without a physical key—via a smartphone or NFC card.

The said feature was similarly seen on the Tesla Model 3 in 2018. An enhanced natural-language voice-recognition system with Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding technologies will let the driver control various settings in the car without having to take their eyes off the road. hyundai elantra

Hyundai also emphasizes their latest Hyundai SmartSense technology, offering great safety features like Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Driver Attention Warning, Smart Cruise Control, and Blind Spot Collision Warning. hyundai elantra

hyundai elantra

Along with the all-new Elantra, Hyundai is also releasing the first ever Hyundai Elantra Hybrid, a great step towards a greener future. The car is expected to deliver exceptional fuel economy, estimated to put out over 21 kilometers per liter. 

The company also confirms that there will be an N-Line variant of the all new Elantra. This means that the already sporty sedan will receive performance-enhancing elements, maybe even giving it enough juice to go on the track.

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