Audi unveils ‘activesphere’ concept

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Audi has unveiled the “activesphere” concept, the fourth model in its “sphere” concept vehicle series.


  • What powers the Audi activesphere?

    According to Audi, the activesphere is powered by two electric motors with a maximum power output of 435 horsepower.
  • What battery did Audi use for the activesphere?

    The Audi activesphere is fitted with a 100-kilowatt-hour battery with 800-volt charging technology.
  • To note, the first three of the said concept cars are the Audi “skysphere” (unveiled in 2021), as well as the Audi “grandsphere” saloon and the Audi “urbansphere” space concept (revealed in 2022).

    The design of the Audi activesphere is said to combine the opposites in perfect synthesis, which according to the German carmaker, makes it “a versatile crosser of boundaries.” It is said to have been conceived and designed at the Audi Design Studio in Malibu, with Gael Buzyn (studio manager) and his team being the creative minds behind the project.

    audi activesphere 2

    Dimension-wise, the Audi activesphere measures 4,980 millimeters (mm) long, 2,070mm wide, and 1,600mm high. Typical of an electric car, the wheelbase is a generous 2,970mm long, providing maximum legroom for passengers. Meanwhile, the front and rear overhangs are correspondingly short, which gives the vehicle a more compact impression. It also rides on large 22-inch wheels and wears all-terrain tires.

    Audi describes that the activesphere concept, from all perspectives, appears monolithic as if was shaped from a single mold.

    audi activesphere 3

    Inside, the activesphere concept from Audi boasts a modern, functional, minimalist interior. Featured are four individual seats that appear to float, and therefore, look like elegant lounge chairs.

    audi activesphere 4

    Also notable are its dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals, which disappear when in autonomous driving mode. When they do, they give way to a wide space in front of the driver.

    The aforementioned dashboard, Audi said, works like a large soundbar as well as a smart, full-width air vent in both the deployed and stowed position. If the driver wants to take over the wheel, the dashboard, along with the steering wheel, swivels out from its flush position below the windshield.

    Its center console is also noteworthy. Because the center console of the Audi activesphere no longer needs to hold a driveshaft, it gave way for storage space and an onboard bar. The top cover is transparent, which provides a view of the bottle and glasses, but also visually integrates the voluminous console in the interior.

    audi activesphere 5

    Audi also equipped the activesphere concept car with innovative mixed-reality headsets.

    audi activesphere 6

    “With unprecedented optical precision, the highest resolution, and excellent contrast, the system brings control surfaces and displays, invisible to the unaided eye, into the user’s field of vision while behind the steering wheel. In other words, the user can view virtual content, which is initially for information only. If the user focuses with his or her eyes on the information, thus signaling interest, the system displays more detailed information,” Audi explained in a press release.

    audi activesphere 7audi activesphere 8

    The Audi activesphere is built on the Audi Premium Platform Electric (PPE). It is equipped with two electric motors (one in the front and the other in the rear) that produce a total output of 435 horsepower and a system torque of 720Nm.

    audi activesphere 9

    In its heart, as well as on all future PPE-based Audi automobiles, is a 100-kilowatt-hour battery with 800-volt charging technology. Per Audi, this system ensures that the activesphere can be charged with up to 270 kilowatts in a very short time at fast-charging stations.

    Just 10 minutes is enough time to charge the battery to a level sufficient to power the car for about 300 kilometers.

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