Avant-garde: Checking the colors of the Toyota Avanza


Toyota gave the Avanza a refresh in 2019, and with it came a host of exterior updates that gave the brand’s MPV a more aggressive and desirable appeal. Its angular styling, as well as its two-layered front lighting setup, made the Toyota Avanza look more modern and relevant.


  • How many colors does the Toyota Avanza have?

    The Toyota Avanza is offered in seven colors.
  • How many variants does it have?

    The Avanza is offered in five variants.
  • What is the price range of the Toyota Avanza?

    The Avanza is priced from P743,000 to P1,077,000.
  • Its new look made for a befitting canvas for the seven color options made available for one of Toyota’s entries to the competitive multi-purpose vehicle category. Interested to find out which of these colors best suits the Avanza? Join us as we check the colors of this avant-garde MPV.

    1. Dark Red Mica Metallic

    Picking a Toyota Avanza in Dark Red Mica Metallic would be perfect for passionate drivers who love to drive around — and out of — town.


    Not only is red symbolic of one’s desire to sit behind the wheel of Toyota’s trusty MPV, but its rather flashy color can attract the eyes of onlookers pleasing those who live to stand out.

    The Dark Red Mica Metallic paint is an exclusive option for the range-topping Avanza Veloz setting your MPV apart from the rest of the Avanza crew.

    2. Silver Mica Metallic

    Silver makes for a more practical option, especially for those who rarely find the time to wash their cars — or bring them to the local car salon.


    Silver is a color that’s great in hiding dirt and dust and would make you, and your Avanza, look good even with very little cleaning.

    Unlike the aforementioned red hue, however, the Silver Mica Metallic paint allows owners to blend in instead of standing out. If you like a simple yet stylish daily driver, getting an Avanza in Silver Mica Metallic is the way to go.

    3. Gray Metallic

    A darker shade than silver, Gray Metallic makes for a great choice for the modern minimalist. The color is neither straightforward nor too shy. It’s even seen as a diplomatic color, negotiating between black and white, and would be ideal for drivers who seem themselves likewise.


    If you see yourself as cool, calm, and conservative, then you’ll find the perfect ride in a Gray Metallic Avanza.

    4. Dark Blue

    Toyota took a more mysterious approach when they crafted this hue. And while blue is often associated with words like tranquil and composed, this darker shade gives the color a more aggressive tone.


    Thanks to the matching black trims on the Avanza’s headlamps and front grille, this Dark Blue Avanza looks like an MPV you don’t want to mess with.

    5. White.

    Looking to make the Avanza a family car? White it is then.


    White is a friendly color that would make kids — and senior passengers — feel easy with the MPV. In addition, white is also the safest car color to drive since it’s easy to spot on the road, giving the White Avanza better chances of preventing a vehicular accident.

    6. Black Metallic

    The exact opposite of white, black offers an imposing look while still having some level of class and sophistication.


    Similarly, you’d want to practice more caution while on the road as a pitch-black Avanza could be difficult to spot at night.

    7. Beige Metallic

    On the market for a luxurious-looking MPV? You could achieve the look you want by driving home a Beige Metallic Avanza.


    Beige is often associated with relaxation, comfort, and to some degree — luxury. So if you want to drive an MPV that looks comfortable to ride in and has decent creature amenities, then you should consider owning a Beige Metallic Avanza MPV.

    The Toyota Avanza is currently offered locally in five variants with prices ranging from P743,000 to P1,077,000. Those shopping for a more affordable alternative can check out our selection of pre-loved Avanzas here.

    Photos from Toyota

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