Bentley ‘Dream Factory’ reduces environmental impact despite increased vehicle production


Bentley revealed that its “Dream Factory” in Crewe managed to pull off impressive numbers in terms of reducing its environmental impact despite its continuously increasing vehicle production.


  • What initiatives helped Bentley reduce its environmental impact?

    Bentley's investment in water, clean energy, as well as VOC technology allowed it to reduce its environmental impact.
  • By how much did Bentley's production increase from 2020 to 2021?

    Bentley increased its production volume by 38.3 percent from 2020 to 2021.
  • In a recent press release, Bentley shared that the latest available data recorded at the company’s headquarters showed an impressive overall reduction in environmental impact per vehicle when comparing 2021 data against 2020 figures. During the said years, Bentley increased its production volume by 38.3 percent. This contributes to an overall reduction of 76.7 percent per vehicle since 2010.

    The key to Bentley’s success in reducing its environmental impact is its relentless efforts in improving its factory in Crewe since 2010.

    In 2021, Bentley was able to cut its water consumption at the Crewe factory by around 26 percent. The carmaker made major investments in water capture measures and installed water recycling systems.

    Likewise, energy consumption at the Crewe facility was cut by 17 percent, thanks to an ongoing focus on efficiency, the use of green gas, and the impact of a more efficient boiler system.


    Bentley’s use of volatile organic compounds (VOC) — materials often found in items such as adhesives — was also reduced by around 17 percent. According to the luxury automotive company, it is planning to invest in new onsite technologies to reduce this figure still further over the next 12 months.


    Furthermore, Bentley’s use of green gas and biofuels in onsite logistic vehicles has caused a significant drop (70.2 percent) in terms of its CO2 emissions. The figures further improve on past CO2 cuts at the factory, thanks to the use of energy generated from the company’s extensive onsite solar PV system. In January, Bentley confirmed that it will expand its solar panel system.


    “These latest encouraging figures show that the continuous focus of our manufacturing strategy on reducing waste, water, and energy use is paying dividends by delivering impactful year-on-year change. Our site is already carbon neutral and the ethos behind our Dream Factory concept is to go-to-zero in terms of environmental impact. We are planning more solar panels and investment in VOCs mitigation will take place in 2022, to make Crewe the most sustainable site that it can possibly be,” said Bentley Motors Member of the Board for Manufacturing Peter Bosch.

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