Brembo gets double ‘A’ score from CDP transparency list

The new Brembo logo

Brembo was named one of the companies to have received a double “A” score from Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) 2022 Climate Change and Water Security transparency list.


  • How does CDP decide on what companies get a good score?

    Per Brembo, CDP uses a detailed and independent methodology to assess various companies’ disclosure, awareness, and management of environmental risks to determine which of them gets a good score.
  • What Brembo product range will follow the company’s goal of developing green braking solutions?

    Brembo’s new product range, designed to follow the company’s goal of developing green braking solutions, is called the Greenance Kit Concept.
  • For the uninitiated, CDP’s transparency list uses a detailed and independent methodology to assess various companies’ comprehensiveness of disclosure, awareness, and management of environmental risks and demonstration of best practices associated with environmental leadership.

    That said, DCP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely recognized as the gold standard of corporate environmental transparency.

    “Environmental, social and governance topics have always been an integral part of our global business strategy. We believe that they are enabling factors for the growth not only of our Group but also of the whole economy. This year is the fifth consecutive time that Brembo receives CDP’s double ‘A’ recognition and for us, it’s always a source of great satisfaction that has been possible thanks to our continuous commitment. It represents a real motivation to keep our course towards a true sustainable future, one in which we should all feel called to a collective effort to ensure ESG topics are ultimately factored into every key decision impacting on our society,” said ​​Brembo Chief CSR Officer and Board Member Cristina Bombassei.


    As part of Brembo's strategy, the Italian automotive brake company is focused on developing greener solutions. Following this commitment, Brembo unveiled its Greenance Kit Concept this year. This new range of special alloy discs and dedicated brake pads aims to combine top braking performance with a lower environmental impact.

    On the operations side, Brembo has cut the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of its offices and plants by 29 percent compared to 2019 and increased its energy supply from renewable sources which represent 53 percent of the total, up from last year’s 43 percent. Such efforts are part of Brembo’s broad action to support the United Nation’s (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals since 2018 when the Company endorsed the 2030 Agenda.​

    “CDP saw nearly 20,000 companies disclose environmental data this year, including 70 percent of European companies by market value. COP27 showed the need for transformational change is more critical than ever if we are to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (C). I’m therefore delighted that European companies make up nearly half of all A List companies around the world, including 15 with two A scores and eight with triple A scores for climate change, forests, and water security leadership. We must cut emissions by half and eliminate deforestation by 2030, alongside achieving water security on the same timescale — there is no route to 1.5 degrees C without nature. With the European Union’s (EU) ground-breaking new reporting regulation, the CSRD, now agreed, CDP A List companies are showing they are ahead of the game — taking clear action to reduce emissions and to address environmental impacts throughout their value chains. This is the type of environmental transparency and action we need economy-wide to prevent ecological collapse,” commented CDP Europe Executive Director Maxfield Weiss.

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