Can’t Stand the Summer Heat? Your Car Battery Feels the Same Way

If the intense heat is taking its toll on your sanity, it’s likely got your car battery complaining too. Excessive heat is one of the biggest causes of shorter battery life, because it causes the fluid in the battery to evaporate more quickly. With less fluid, the internal mechanisms in the battery can run awry, leading to a quicker death and need for a replacement.

To prevent the scorching sun from affecting your battery’s lifespan, follow these simple maintenance steps:

If your battery is the type that needs topping off, check the fluid levels once or twice a week during summer, and add distilled water is necessary. Check it more frequently if you leave your car out under the sun more often.

Keep the terminals clean and brush off any dirt or residue. Dirt can contain metal particles, which conduct electricity and drain battery power. Moreover, corrosion that accumulate on the terminals can impede electrical current.

Test the battery along with the corresponding electrical system to make sure it is charging at the correct rate. A battery that is overcharged or undercharged can deal the battery's internal mechanisms significant damage. It can also help to ensure that your battery is fully charged at least once a week.

Insulate your battery from the heat. There are insulation kits available for car batteries, and you can purchase these from car accessory stores. Or you can build one on your own using an appropriate insulating material.

Aside from these four tips, healthy driving habits help you prolong your battery life and get the most service years out of it. For instance, avoid operating any electrical car accessory (lights, radio, AC) before turning the car ignition on. You need to give the alternator time to generate power for all electrical components and accessories to prevent draining the power from the battery too quickly. That’s all for now and enjoy the rest of the warm months!

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