Your Car’s Warranty: 5 Tips to Avoid Issues

Cars today are more reliable than ever, and adding to that reliability are the more comprehensive warranty programs offered by manufacturers and dealers alike. As long as the warranty remains active, the cost of any needed repairs are covered.

However, warranties rely heavily on your compliance to manufacturer requirements. Violate these requirements, and you may find that your warranty has been voided, which is something you do not want to happen. Here are five common actions that could help you keep your car warranty intact.

1. Read your warranty coverage.

Your warranty coverage gives important information on how you can keep your car under warranty, so make sure to read and understand it. This document is often included in or bundled with your vehicle owner's manual. If you have misplaced your owner's manual, talk to your dealership or visit your manufacturer's website to see if they have a copy.

2. Stick to your car's scheduled maintenance.

Follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedule to keep your warranty in effect. Your service schedule is listed in your owner's manual or warranty booklet.

3. Keep a record of all receipts and other service documents.

This includes even common maintenance steps such as tire rotations, wheel alignment, oil changes, etc. This record could come in handy should the need to use your warranty arise. If you can't provide proof of your vehicle maintenance, your warranty claim could be disapproved.

4. Be careful about modifying your car.

Every time you want to change anything in your car, check with your service advisor or dealership if a product can void the warranty or not. Make sure to have their answer in writing. You want to make sure that the improvement you're planning to do won't deal damage to a part or system in your car and affect your warranty.

5. Don't be afraid to be vocal with your complaint.

If your warranty claim has been denied, ask your service advisor and warranty officer for clarification. If their answer fails to satisfy, ask to speak with a supervisor. Service advisors and warranty officers can commit errors, because they're only human, after all. If you still aren't satisfied, contact your manufacturer. The phrase 'customer is always right' still rings true in this day and age, and persistence can always help overturn a decision in your favor.

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