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Headlight Bulbs—Why You Should Always Replace Them in Pairs

When one of your headlight bulbs start failing, think twice. Or more appropriately, think in pairs. Most car owners will simply replace the problem bulb and not the other to save money, however, doing so can cause an unbalanced and/or unpredictable headlight beam, which presents a lot of problems. For your sake and the sake of other drivers on the road, make sure to always replace your headlight bulb in pairs.

Changing in pairs—why it makes sense

Over time, headlight bulbs start to fail and the quality of light decreases. If bulbs are installed at different intervals, each will deteriorate at a different rate, which can lead to light imbalance. From a driver’s perspective, an imbalance in the headlight beam can make the road ahead harder to see, a situation that can easily turn dangerous if you’re traveling on badly-lit roads. An oncoming driver could also mistake you for a motorcycle, and you can imagine what a huge safety risk that can be. On the other hand, if the bulbs are installed at the same time, then they are likely to fail close together. Likewise, you also reduce the risk of the other headlight bulb failing during travel.

It’s all about having the perfect match

Replacing vehicle parts in pairs is nothing new, especially with important safety-critical components such as tires, shock absorbers, wipers, and brakes. Bulbs are no different. You’ve probably come across other drivers with only one bright headlight or have two lights of different color. Not only is this annoying, it’s also a serious safety hazard. Make your car (and fellows drivers on the road) happy by replacing both headlight bulbs simultaneously.

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