Checking out the colors of the Hyundai Kona


Hyundai introduced the Kona in the local subcompact crossover segment in 2018. The polarizing newcomer attracted many car buyers for its capable engine as well as for its strong and bold design.

The Philippine-spec Kona has Hyundai’s 2.0 NU MPI Atkinson Euro 4-compliant gasoline mill mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. It produces 146hp with 179Nm of torque.


At the front, it features the South Korean carmaker’s cascading grille paired with a three-tier light setup. LED DRLs and turn signal lights sit high at the top, the halogen headlamps are located directly in the middle, and the fog lamps are situated at the bottom.


Behind, you get the same styling with a rear spoiler with high-mount stop lamps and rear bumper-mounted turn signals.

Hyundai’s crossover SUV rides on 17-inch alloy wheels and is supported by MacPhersons at the front with a coupled torsion beam axle setup at the rear.

And although it’s only offered in a single variant, Hyundai gave its customers a wide variety of color options to choose from.

Let’s check them out.

Acid Yellow

Striking and unmistakable, this Acid Yellow gives the Hyundai Kona a unique look that one simply can’t unsee.

It may not generate strong second-hand prices, but your friends and families would know it’s you from a mile away.

Blue Lagoon

Blue has always been a color that symbolizes calm and composure. This hue gives the Kona an aura of confidence and would befit owners who would like their even-tempered manner reflect in their vehicles.

That said, the Kona looks elegant in this paint making it a great choice for owners who would want similarly tasteful rides.

Chalk White

White never goes out of style, it’s also one of the safest colors on the palette as cars in this achromatic hue are the ones less involved in accidents.

Thinking of making the Kona your first family car? White would be an excellent choice.

Dark Knight

Bruce Wayne wouldn’t think twice about spending good money in a Hyundai Kona in Dark Knight.

Like the caped crusader, the dark and mysterious tone of this black Kona makes for a dominating road presence. Nevertheless, make sure you pay attention to the road when driving a pitch-black SUV.

Lake Silver

Silver does give the Kona an air of modernity. The metallic sheen of silver makes for a present-day look that’s perfect for today’s generation of car owners.

Are you a yuppie looking for your next SUV? Look no further because this silver Kona will surely fit your personality.

Ceramic Blue

Somewhat darker than Blue Lagoon, Ceramic Blue makes the Kona look tough and calm. A Kona finished in this shade gives off a self-assured character that’s great for people who see themselves as self-made.

Tangerine Comet

This fun and cheerful color has long been a staple for SUVs. Orange embodies one’s outgoing and active lifestyle and appeals to car buyers who have the same qualities.

Phantom Black

Alright, we won’t make another Batman reference. So, if Darth Vader bought a Kona, it would be in Phantom Black.

It has a darker tint than the aforementioned Dark Knight which makes it more menacing to look at when you see it on the road or standing still in the parking lot.

Velvet Dune

The Kona in Velvet Dune looks like a tactical vehicle. The black accents on the wheel arches that extend to the headlamps even make it look more snappy.

Slap a Glock decal paired with a “Molon Labe” sticker and you’ve got yourself a deterrent.


Lastly, we have red. It’s the color you’d see the Kona in when you check out Hyundai’s website so we reckon it’s the paint the SUV looks best in.

Red has been a symbol of passion and romance. It’s an eye-catching color that perfectly represents Hyundai’s dedication to deliver a dynamic, exciting, and extraordinarily engineered subcompact SUV.

Photos from Hyundai

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