Checking out the interior of the Toyota FJ Cruiser


The Toyota FJ Cruiser might look like an oddball in Toyota’s lineup of modern-looking SUVs, but Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) knew that there’s a market for retro-looking vehicles like it.

Its weird combination of boxy and rounded dimensions was first seen in the local SUV segment in 2013. Since then, it has appealed to many Filipino car buyers looking for a classic-looking SUV.

Interested to find out what’s it like riding in one? Join us as we check out the interior of the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Retro interior

The Toyota FJ Cruiser embraces the retro look. The interior was designed to look dated and we dig it. It makes you feel like you’re in an episode of the Power Rangers, and we mean that in a good way. 


It forgoes the snappy modern minimalist look and surprises with body-colored accents the moment you step in. You’re reminded of what color your FJ Cruiser is in as the door panels as well as the dashboard trim wear the same paint as the SUVs exterior.

There are also plenty of rounded accents found on the FJ Cruiser’s instrument panel, infotainment system, and dashboard.

A handful of hard plastics

Because the FJ was designed to be a capable vehicle both on and off-road, its interior is filled with a handful of hard plastics. That said, its interior leans more toward durability rather than luxury.


Decent comfort

And while it does have plenty of durable plastic, the FJ Cruiser is comfortable to ride in.

It has front bucket seats finished in a combination of fabric and PVC so you’ll stay planted regardless of the terrain and driving condition.


You also get a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a urethane shift knob, two large cupholders at the front and two medium-sized bottle holders at the rear, an accessory power outlet, and a set of lamps.

Photos from Toyota

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