Ciao, Alexa: Lamborghini Huracán EVO to boast Amazon on-board control


The house of the raging bull gears up to enhance the connected services in its Huracán EVO models. Part of the enhanced features includes navigation, comfort, safety, and entertainment-oriented functions.

And for the first time, Lamborghini incorporates in-car control by Amazon Alexa. Amazon’s virtual assistant AI technology joins the ranks of Web radio and Apple CarPlay, while Alexa will be paired with Android Auto.


Huracán EVO drivers can now control in-car functions such as climate, lighting, and seat heating, as well as control navigation, telephone calls, and entertainment with a simple ‘Alexa’ voice command, allowing them to maintain focus on the road.


Moreover, Alexa allows Lambo owners to connect with other Alexa-enabled devices creating a smart eco-system. Drivers can control entry gates, home thermostats, and even lighting systems directly from their Lamborghinis. Alexa can be kept up-to-date through over-the-air software upgrades.

Taking things a step further, Lamborghini integrates Alexa with the LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata) system. Alexa can help drivers access real-time feedback on the Huracán EVO’s driving dynamics including torque vectoring and traction control.

Existing Huracán EVO owners can have their vehicles updated to enjoy the latest enhanced connected services at authorized Lamborghini dealers. From mid-April, all Lamborghini Connected features can be retro-fitted free-of-charge to Huracán EVO models.


Currently, over-the-air updates are only available in most of Europe and North America where Alexa is available but is planned to be rolled out to other markets starting 2022.

Photos from Lamborghini

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