Cross-segment comparo: Toyota Rush vs. Mitsubishi Xpander


Despite being in different market segments, the Toyota Rush and the Mitsubishi Xpander are two of today’s most popular models in the 1.5-liter category. The former is classified as a small SUV while the latter as a reinvented MPV.


  • How many variants does the Toyota Rush have?

    The Toyota Rush is offered in three variants.
  • What is the price range of Toyota Rush?

    The Toyota Rush is priced from P983,000 to P1,100,000.
  • How many variants does the Mitsubishi Xpander have?

    The Mitsubishi Xpander is offered in four variants.
  • What is the price range of Mitsubishi Xpander?

    The Mitsubishi Xpander is priced from P1,008,000 to P1,225,000.
  • Interested to see which of these vehicles should be your next ride? Join us in this cross-segment comparo.



    Toyota Rush

    Mitsubishi Xpander

    Dimensions (L x W x H mm)

    4,435 x 1,695 x 1,705

    4,475 x 1,750 x (1,695, 1,700, 1,750)

    Wheelbase (mm)



    Ground clearance (mm)


    (200, 205, 225)

    The Toyota Rush looks a tad smaller than the Mitsubishi Xpander. In addition, Mitsubishi’s redefined MPV grows in height and ground clearance depending on the variant.

    Mitsubishi XpanderToyota Rush

    That said, with more options when it comes to its exterior dimensions, we give this round to the Mitsubishi Xpander.


    Inside, those who will get the Toyota Rush will enjoy fabric seats and, depending on the variant, a combination of a three-spoke urethane steering wheel and a urethane shift lever and knob or a three-spoke leather steering wheel and a leather shift lever and knob.

    toyota rush

    Across the board, the Toyota Rush is equipped with a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth, USB, and Weblink connectivity. Depending on the variants, you can either get a set of six (or eight) speakers.

    On the other hand, you can get the Mitsubishi Xpander’s steering wheel either three-spoke urethane, three-spoke leather, or three-spoke leather with brown stitching. Likewise, the seats can either be wrapped in fabric or in leather.

    Xpander interior

    For its on-board infotainment system, the base variant gets a radio unit while the rest of the crew come with a seven-inch touchscreen unit. Similarly, depending on the variant, you can get four or six speakers with two tweeters included.

    With a slightly more robust-looking interior, we’re going to give this round to the Toyota Rush.


    As we briefly covered above, both vehicles pack a 1.5-liter engine. The Toyota Rush has a four-cylinder, in-line, 16-valve power plant mated to either a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual. This setup gives the baby Fortuner 102 horses with 134Nm of maximum torque.

    Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi Xpander hides a 1.5-liter, in-line, 16-valve gasoline mill with MIVEC under the hood. Its transmission options include a similar four-speed automatic and five-speed manual setup. Its power peaks at 103hp, a little higher than the Rush, with 141Nm of torque.

    With a slight advantage in terms of torque or power, we’re giving this round to the Xpander.


    Safety-wise, Toyota gave the Rush its own set of airbags and seatbelts along with ABS with EBD, vehicle stability control, traction control, hill-start assist, an emergency stop signal, an alarm, and an immobilizer. And oh, let’s not forget the Isofix tethers and the child-proof rear doors.

    toyota rush

    For the Mitsubishi Xpander, customers can expect a similar setup for airbags and seatbelts as well as ABS with EBD Isofix tethers, and an emergency stop signal across the board. However, only the range-topping variant gets added safety features such as active stability control, traction control, and hill-start assist.


    With better safety options, this round goes to the Toyota Rush.

    Variants and Pricing

    Toyota Rush

    Rush 1.5 E MT – P983,000
    Rush 1.5 E AT – P1,023,000
    Rush 1.5 G AT – P1,100,000

    Mitsubishi Xpander

    Xpander GLX MT – P1,008,000
    Xpander GLS AT – P1,128,000
    Xpander Black Series – P1,138,000
    Xpander Cross AT – P1,225,000


    Both the Toyota Rush and the Mitsubishi Xpander show strong performances in their respective segments. Choosing between both cars will be a matter of preference, leaving the victor of this match up to you to decide.

    Photos from Toyota and Mitsubishi

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    Toyota Rush vs Mitsubishi Xpander Comparison

    Toyota Rush
    • ₱983,000 - ₱1.176 Million
    Mitsubishi Xpander
    • ₱1.008 - ₱1.138 Million
    Toyota Rush vs Mitsubishi Xpander
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