Euro-spec Toyota Corolla Cross to feature new hybrid system, advanced HMI tech


Toyota is slated to roll out the new Corolla Cross in Europe. The Euro-spec SUV is said to come with a host of intelligent features including Toyota’s fifth-generation hybrid system which makes the Corolla Cross the first Toyota to offer the fifth-gen self-charging, full hybrid, FWD (front-) or AWD-i (intelligent-all-wheel drive) powertrains.


  • What advantages does the 5th-gen hybrid system offer?

    Toyota says that the 5th-gen system comes with a re-engineered transaxle with new lubrication and oil distribution systems, a lighter and a more powerful battery, and a recalibrated accelerator pedal.
  • What powertrain options are available for the new Corolla Cross?

    The new Euro-spec Corolla Cross is offered in self-charging, full hybrid, FWD or AWD variants.
  • When will Toyota roll out the Corolla Cross?

    Dates will vary depending on the region but deliveries are expected to start in September 2022.
  • Toyota’s fifth-generation hybrid system builds upon its predecessor and offers more torque, more electrical power, greater efficiency, and increased driving pleasure.

    According to Toyota, the fifth-gen hybrid system comes with a re-engineered transaxle with new lubrication and oil distribution systems that use low-viscosity oil. This contributes to efficiency and power improvements thanks to reduced electrical and mechanical losses.

    In addition, the fifth-gen hybrid system features the latest developments in li-ion batteries with a battery pack that’s more powerful and is 40 percent lighter than its predecessor.

    The system’s output has been increased to about eight percent, said Toyota, thanks to an improved motor and engine.

    The FWD 2.0-liter hybrid powertrain generates 197hp, delivering zero-to-100kph acceleration in 8.1 seconds.

    Meanwhile, the AWD-i variant features an additional electric motor on the rear axle which adds 41 horses to its total power output. The rear motor automatically engages to give greater traction, driving confidence, and peace of mind in low-grip conditions.

    The AWD-i Corolla Cross shares the FWD version’s acceleration performance.

    Toyota adds that the fifth-generation hybrid system’s drivability has also been further improved and is now even more linear, predictable, and controllable under acceleration. The SUV’s speed more closely matches the engine revolutions to provide a more intuitive and natural driving experience thanks to the recalibration of the driver’s accelerator pedal input and the actual response from the powertrain.

    Customers can also expect advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface) with the upcoming Corolla Cross.


    Toyota says that the Euro-spec SUV comes with the latest multimedia tech with a European-specific dashboard layout that boasts a 12.3-inch driver’s digital cockpit and a 10.5-inch central multimedia display.


    The 12.3-inch instrument panel features all-new hardware and software which enables customization and personalization options for relevant driving information such as fuel consumption, hybrid system operation, and navigation.


    On the other hand, the smaller 10.5-inch infotainment screen is equipped with a new faster processor and is capable of wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto connectivity, and a Toyota Smart Connect package.

    Customers can also enjoy other convenience features like Cloud navigation, road events, a voice agent, and over-the-air updates. Downloading the MyT App gives customers access to driving analytics, car location, and even remote-control features such as climate schedule and door locking.

    Toyota also equipped the new Corolla Cross will come with T-Mate, which combines the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense package with other active driving and parking assistance systems.

    Deliveries of the new Toyota Corolla Cross are expected to start in September of next year.

    Photos from Toyota

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