Falken parent company builds world’s largest rooftop solar panel

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Falken announced that its parent company, Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), is building the world’s largest rooftop solar panel in its factory in Thailand.


  • Where will Falken’s parent company build the rooftop solar panels?

    Falken’s parent company will build the rooftop solar panels in its factory in Thailand.
  • How much power are the solar panels expected to produce?

    The solar panels are expected to produce as much as 22 megawatts — enough to support the production of a range of Falken tires destined for the European market.
  • According to the Japanese tire company, the installation consists of 40,000 solar panels and measures 100,000 square meters — the size of over 18 football pitches.

    Expected to generate around 22 megawatts (MW) upon completion, the solar panels will be able to supply enough power to support the production of a range of Falken tires destined for the European market.

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    “The investment in the new solar panel installation along with gas co-generation system and a biomass electric power system energy initiatives at the Rayong Province facility will enable it to ultimately use 100 percent renewable energy,” Falken wrote in a press release.

    Falken said that SRI is expected to complete the construction of the solar panels by January 2025.

    In addition to the solar panels, Falken pointed out that SRI will build a new gas co-generation system with two 6.6-MW boilers. The power produced by the gas co-generation unit is anticipated to replace energy supplied by local utility companies.

    Further, Falken noted that biomass derived from surplus rubber tree branches and trunks — as part of SRI’s Sustainable Natural Rubber program will provide additional electrical power to the facility.

    In total, the new initiatives of the tire firm will reduce its total annual carbon dioxide emissions by 38,000 tons.

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