How to Avoid Car Thieves? Start by Wiping Off Those Suction Cup Marks on Your Vehicle

Car theft is common these days. And it's not just the expensive ones--like those laptops and cellphones that car thieves are targeting right now. Today, even small gadgets like GPS units are becoming more attractive to thieves. Why? Because they're small and not as expensive as a laptop. This means they can easily be taken out and re-sold quickly in the black market.

Most car thieves--especially the small-time ones--are motivated by quick, get-rich money schemes. And this involves getting the ones that can easily be taken--like GPS units. Now, here's what's wrong in this scenario: Those GPS trackers can get you in trouble if the thieves can retrieve your address.  And since they know you're not at home at that moment, it's easy for them to just break into your house and continue their heist there.

Obviously, your first instinct is to hide your GPS. Unfortunately, if you do manage to hide them, car thieves still know you have a GPS somewhere in your vehicle. One tell-tale sign are those suction cup marks on your window or dashboard. They are dead giveaways that a GPS unit is possibly stashed somewhere inside. It's just a matter of time before they break into your vehicle and steal it.

So what should you do?

This might be a bit inconvenient, but if you really want to be safe, it's better to take your GPS with you whenever you go out for some time. Thieves instinctively look inside the glove box, so hiding it there really wouldn't do you any good--except if it's padlocked (and perhaps even bomb-proof). But should you decide to hide it in your vehicle, then it's very important to wipe off those suction cup marks before you get out. Otherwise, all your hiding and stealth-like efforts will all go to waste.

Another alternative you can do is to use a different mount for your GPS. That way, you won't have to use suction cups to hold it in place. A word of warning, though: make sure to hide this mount and your GPS inside the console or glove box when you go out. That way, you leave no traces--and avoid being the possible target of car thieves.

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