How to Find the Right Bridal Car

June has come upon us once again and wedding bells can be heard from most churches around the country. If you are a June bride or groom bound to be wed this month, have you chosen your bridal car for the big day? While using your personal car is a great way to cut costs, most couples prefer their bridal or “just got married” get away car to be as memorable as possible. Thankfully a number of car rental companies in the Philippines offer bridal cars. To help you with your wedding plans, Carmudi PH has prepared a checklist so you can make the right choice when selecting your bridal car for your big day:  

1. Significance of the Car

The first thing to consider when choosing a bridal car is to make sure that it reflects you as a couple. You can easily identify the couple to be wed based on their wedding car. Older and traditional couples prefer vintage cars, while younger couples choose cars that are relevant to their generation.

2. Comfort for the Bride

See beforehand if the car you are trying to rent has a roomy cabin. Some cars are just too small to accommodate the bride who will probably be wearing a very long gown. It is also important to identify the bride’s entourage who will ride with her to the church or wedding venue and determine whether the car can accommodate them all. Some of the most popular and iconic wedding cars in Hollywood movies are vintage cars and luxury cars such as the 1936 Austin Lichfield and the 1966 Triumph Herald Convertible. In recent times, however, executive car models like the Toyota Camry have also been used.

3. Define your Budget

© Anthony ***/ Flickr Depending on the size of the car, its brand and model, the prices of renting one can vary greatly from P10,000 and below for sedans to more than P50,0000 for stretched limousines. Different rental companies can also charge per hour or request a one time payment. Other companies that offer bridal cars for rent can also include a chauffeur in the package.

4. Check the Weather

The month of June has unpredictable weather and it is not always sunny. Therefore, one should think twice about renting a convertible or open-top car which has minimal protection against the rain. Check the weather forecast around the date of the wedding and adapt your decision accordingly.  

5. Contingency Plans

© Jeyaganesh Rajamanickam There is nothing worse than the bride being late for the ceremony because her ride has broken down.  Be pragmatic and research whether the rental company has records of their bridal cars breaking down, especially for older models like the 1947 Jaguar Mark V. Also ask the car rental company if they have a contingency plan for such events like a replacement or spare vehicle.

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