Keep Your Diesel Engine Running in Tiptop Shape with These 4 Magnificent Tips

Ford Ranger Raptor

Diesel technology has improved leaps and bounds from the laughable noisemakers of old to today's performance numbers that rival their gasoline counterparts. All of these developments are great, but they won't do you much good if you don't take the right steps to keeping your diesel engine in peak performance. Here are four maintenance tips to keep in mind if you’re a diesel car owner.

1. Monitor your coolant

Diesel engines rely on compressed hot air instead of spark to produce combustion, and thus, the engine runs under extremely hot conditions. Ensure you always have clean coolant at the appropriate amount to dissipate unnecessary heat from your engine properly.

2. Keep your air and fuel filters clean

Air and fuel filters should be replaced on a regular schedule, ideally every 15,000 to 20,000 kms. You should also have these filters cleaned routinely before each interval. Check your air filters frequently, as dusty roads and humid climates can speed up their dirtiness and wear.

3. Reduce idling time

Idling too much and too often is especially bad for diesel engines. Make every effort to reduce idling your diesel engine whenever and wherever you can so as not to disrupt the engine's temperature balance or wear down its internal components too fast. Turn off your engine if you believe you're going to be stationary for long periods.

4. Add fuel treatment every time you gas up

Diesel fuel treatment helps keep your engine's injection system clean of any contaminants. By adding diesel treatment every time you re-fuel, you enjoy a two-fold benefit: you enhance the efficiency of your engine and also reduce toxic emissions, which is good for the environment. Diesel fuel treatment is especially useful if you use your vehicle for commercial and heavy-duty purposes.

Ford Ranger Raptor © Patrick Everett Tadeo for CARMUDI PHILIPPINES


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