Lexus elevates the LS with enhanced design, automation, lustrous new finish

The newest Lexus LS

The newest Lexus LS sedan has recently been refreshed--and judging from what we're seeing right now, it looks pretty good--especially when wrapped with its newest paint finish, Gin-ei Luster.

But we're getting way ahead of ourselves here.  Lexus has taken great pains to make comfort and refinement a priority when they were refining the LS, so allow us to describe the luxury sedan's features in detail: 

Lexus Driving Signature

The newest Lexus LS

This philosophy, which encompasses detailed tuning, thoughtful component updates and control surface upgrades, gives Lexus models unmatched balance and vehicle control, that results in the highest possible driver confidence on the road.

Next is refining what Lexus is known for: exceptional quality. The company made every effort to make sure that every component--from the vehicle's powertrain and suspension systems to the positioning of the stitch points on the seats--are given excellent craftsmanship.

For instance, its newly developed Adaptive Variable Suspension solenoid reduces damping force, while the vertical spring rate (stiffness) of the run-flat tires and the rigidity of the stabilizer bars provide optimized performance.

The newest Lexus LS

The newest Lexus LS

Meanwhile, its seat coverings offer deeper stitch points with underlying seat pads that use low-resilience urethane. These help absorb vibration while guaranteeing the softest possible seats that provide enhanced comfort.

The new Lexus LS

"Placing importance on people's sensibilities, we thoroughly addressed every detail of the components and control systems related to driving performance, including quietness and ride comfort, ranging, for example, from the internal structure of the tires to the feel experienced when sitting in the seats and the acceleration response in daily driving," said  Lexus International Takumi Yoshiaki Ito.

Lexus Teammate

Meanwhile, the new LS features the Lexus Teammate, considered the latest in advanced driving assist technologies. With Artificial Intelligent (AI) and machine learning capabilities that study a driver's habits, over time, the Teammate can predict how the driver responds to different situations while on the road. 

The newest Lexus LS

"Lexus Teammate was developed based on the Mobility Teammate Concept, which is an original Toyota Motor Corporation approach to autonomous driving, in which people and cars communicate like friends, reach out to each other for mutual enhancement, and drive together," said Advanced Safety System Field Senior General Manager Ken Koibuchi of Toyota Motor Corporation's Advanced R&D and Engineering Company.

The Lexus Teammate includes Advanced Drive--something that many Filipinos who drive daily on EDSA will really love. This feature frees the driver from operating the accelerator, brakes, and steering. Consequently, it lessens burden during long drives, and enables safe driving wherein the driver can be more attentive to his or her surroundings.

Another Lexus Teammate feature is the Advanced Park, which uses integrated cameras and ultrasonic sensors to help drivers in recognizing, judging, and operating the vehicle to the safest and most secure parking space.

Gin-ei Luster

Like we've said earlier, the newest Lexus LS looks uber cool with its newest paint. Using advanced paint technology, it gives the appearance of deep shades and dynamic highlights on the car's exterior, creating shadows that move like ocean waves.

The newest Lexus LS

Interestingly, Lexus drew the inspiration for the Gin-Ei Luster from the moon. According to Toyota Motor Corporation Color Management Department Group Manager Yoichiro Kitamura:

"In the new LS, with the beautiful scene of the 'path of moonlight on the sea' as our motif for embodying this thinking, we strived for interior/exterior coordination that would bring such to life," he said.

"The 'path of moonlight on the sea' is a mysterious natural phenomenon that can only be witnessed for a limited number of days before, after, and during a full moon. During this time, moonlight forms a long and narrow path on the surface of the ocean, and sparkles of light on moonlit waves captivate with delicate gradation."

The newest Lexus LS will be widely available in various global markets by the end of this year. 

Photo Credits:  Toyota 

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