Mini, Paul Smith create the Mini Strip which takes minimalism to another level

Mini Strip

The Mini Strip, made in collaboration with fashion designer Paul Smith, aims to show how car design and production could be more sustainable.

The car starts its eco-credentials with its electric powertrain. On the exterior, the Mini Strip wears exposed screws that attach the unpainted and recycled black plastic trim, as well as its galvanized steel panels that are painted in a thin film of transparent paint. The paint allows the grinding marks on the body to be seen, which were caused by the manufacturing process. Smith described this as “the perfect imperfection."

Mini Strip

Elsewhere, the grille trim and wheel covers are made from recycled Perspex. The material intends to reduce drag, increase range, and save weight and costs. The same material is used for the panoramic roof that also shows the bare metal bodyshell. 

Inside, the Strip is, well, even more stripped out with the steering wheel and A-pillar airbags seen behind mesh grilles. Recycled cork is used on the doors and dashboard, while the central Mini speedometer is replaced by a mount for the driver’s smartphone, which acts as the car's infotainment system.

Mini Strip

The interior is free of leather and chrome, and uses recycled materials instead.  The floor mats are made from recycled rubber, while the exposed screws throughout the interior show how the car can be dismantled and recycled. Climbing ropes are colored orange, and put on the Strip as its door pulls and seatbelts.

Mini Strip

Photos from Mini 

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