Mitsubishi PH, Eastwest Bank offer free insurance, chattel mortgage on Mirage G4

Mitsubishi PH, Eastwest Bank offer free insurance, chattel mortgage on Mirage G4

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) announced that it is providing insurance and chattel mortgage for free to this month’s buyers of the new Mirage G4.


  • Who is Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation bank partner for the free insurance and chattel mortgage promo this month?

    It is Eastwest Bank.
  • Why is MMPC offering this promotion to customers?

    According to MMPC, the move is to help customers buy a car for safer mobility.
  • In partnership with Eastwest Bank, MMPC said that the promotion is exclusive under the bank’s financing plan of 20-percent down payment at 60 months. This offer can be availed until January 31, 2022.

    According to MMPC Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing Takanobu Suzuki, the latest move is to help Filipinos acquire vehicles and have a more secure way of moving around.

    Mirage G4

    “With the country facing what looks to be its biggest COVID-19 surge, a large number of the population is more persistent in looking for a safer way to travel. Mitsubishi wishes to help Filipinos who are planning to buy their first car and even those who are looking for a ‘daily driver’ to infuse in their current routines. That is where our Mirage G4 comes into play,” Suzuki said.

    The aforementioned vehicle — known for its “G 4 anything” slogan — has the following features that makes it perfect for urban adventures and weekly errands:

    • Newly-styled exterior bannered by the front Dynamic Shield design and 15-inch alloy wheels
    • smoother handling and maneuverability and a 1.2-liter MIVEC engine that has a fuel efficiency rating of 22.8 kilometers per liter.
    • space that guarantees comfort to both driver or passenger and a roomy trunk
    • ergonomic dashboard that houses a seven-inch Smartphone-link Display Audio (SDA) system compatible to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Mirage G4

    “We want to better the lives of Filipino motorists by making it easier for them to own a Mirage G4. This entails value-added offers on top of its already affordable price tag, practical features, and hassle-free parts and servicing. Meaning to say, peace of mind from the start and as they continue on with their ownership journeys. With help from our various company partners like Eastwest, we fulfill this mission,” Suzuki added.

    The new Mitsubishi Mirage G4 was launched August last year and is available in three variants: the GLS CVT (top of the line), GLX CVT (mid variant) and GLX MT (entry level).

    For the full mechanics of the promo, customers may visit Mitsubishi’s official website or get in touch with the nearest Mitsubishi dealership or Eastwest branch.

    Photos from Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation

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