Modified number coding reimplementation starts today

Benhur Abalos and Neomie Recio

Starting today, the modified Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) is now in effect.


  • When will the modified Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program take effect?

    The traffic regulation program shall start today, December 1.
  • Who are covered in this program?

    Only private vehicles are affected of the calibrated number coding scheme.
  • The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said that the calibrated version of the traffic mitigation scheme commonly known as number coding shall be implemented based on the approved MMDA Resolution No. 21-30. This is eyed to manage possible traffic issues, as the traffic situation is nearing pre-pandemic levels.

    To be implemented during weekdays, 5pm-to 8pm (except on holidays), the latest version covers private vehicles only.

    MMDA Chair Benhur Abalos

    MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos said that the traffic regulatory scheme will be implemented during weekdays, 5pm-to 8pm (except on holidays). This will cover private vehicles only.

    “Data shows that the travel speed along the northbound portion of EDSA is 9.66 kilometers per hour. Hence, we have to reinstate the number coding scheme during the afternoon rush hours to address the problem. We are trying to exhaust all options here,” Abalos stressed.

    “The solution to this problem is efficient traffic management and mass transport system.”

    Those who will be exempted from the new UVVRP ruling are Transportation Network Vehicle Services (TNVS)motorcycles, garbage trucks, fuel trucks, and motor vehicles carrying essential and perishable goods.

    For her part, MMDA Traffic Discipline Office director Neomie Recio said that some 2,700 vehicles per hour will be reduced plying EDSA alone.

    Benhur Abalos and Neomie Recio

    Meanwhile, Abalos said that the light trucks ban along EDSA shall be applied — but will also have some modifications.

    To use the UVVRP motor vehicle plate endings, light trucks shall not be allowed to use EDSA (between Magallanes, Makati City and North Avenue, Quezon City), both northbound and southbound, from 5am to 9pm from Mondays to Fridays, except holidays. Exempted on this are garbage trucks, fuel trucks, and trucks carrying essential or perishable goods.

    “Light trucks” refer to motor vehicles, whether for commercial use or not, with a gross capacity weight of 4,500 kilograms or below or having six or more tires, and the payload area is either enclosed or open.

    On the other hand, the truck ban hours in the NCR shall remain suspended until further notice. "Trucks" refer to motor vehicles, whether for commercial use or not, with a gross capacity weight of above 4,500 kilograms.

    Photos from Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

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