Next-gen Ford Ranger packs next-level on- and off-road features


For years, Ford has built a reputation in making tough and dependable vehicles, such as the Ford Ranger pickup truck. The nameplate has been the go-to for many car buyers who are looking for a truck they can rely on for both work and play.


  • What updates to the next-gen Ranger allows it to deliver next-gen on- and off-road performance?

    The updates include mechanical and electrical enhancements to the pickup truck.
  • What are the powertrain options available for the next-gen Ranger?

    Powertrain options include a 2.0-liter single-turbo or bi-turbo engines and various transmission options including the 10-speed tranny found in the Ford F-150.
  • That said, Ford made sure that the next-gen Ranger packs next-level on- and off-road features that increase their customers’ confidence whether they’re driving on paved streets of the urban jungle or conquering rough provincial roads.

    “The Ford product development team’s goal with the next-gen Ranger was to deliver a vehicle that met the needs of customers in more than 180 different markets and be the one truck the world trusts to tackle anything,” said Ford Ranger Vehicle Program Director Graham Pearson.

    “And to be that one truck the world trusts, next-gen Ranger had to excel in several key areas: stance and stability, towing, off-road capability, performance, and drivability. Ford knows trucks. We want to give our customers greater levels of performance and capability, expand Ford’s credibility on the worksite, and offer the most desirable lifestyle pickup with more distinct styling, advanced technology, and comfort,” he added.


    Key to this elevated feature is the next-gen Ranger’s powertrain options. Under the hood can either be a 2.0-liter Single-Turbo or Bi-Turbo engine mated to a wide variety of transmission options, including the 10-speed automatic slushbox shared by the Ford F-150 and F-150 Raptor.

    That said, the next-gen Ford Ranger can accommodate the needs of various customers, whether they prioritize fuel economy, refinement, towing, or hauling.

    “Our customers told us that one of the reasons they love Ranger is because it’s one of the best vehicles on the road for ride comfort and car-like performance. So, retaining that and balancing it with off-road performance has been key throughout the development of next-generation Ranger,” said Ford Ranger Dynamic Experience Supervisor Rob Hugo.

    Marrying both on- and off-road capabilities are a slew of upgrades that ensure customers get the best of both worlds, like the 50mm track and wheelbase increase that improves the next-gen Ranger’s stability on almost all types of terrains. Its approach and departure angle have also been improved, allowing the pickup truck to take on more challenging territories.

    The engineers who worked on the next-gen Ranger also increased its width which not only provides owners better load space but also improves the truck’s control and maneuverability.

    Complementing the mechanical updates is a suite of drive systems and electronic driver-assist features.

    “These selectable drive modes are a very simple way of getting advanced traction to the wheels the way it needs to be delivered without having to be an expert,” said Hugo.

    From the selectable drive modes (Normal, Eco, Tow/Haul, Slippery for on-road, and Mud/Ruts and Sand for use off-road) to the dedicated off-road screen on the infotainment system, the next-gen Ranger does take allow owners to kick things up a notch.

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