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Prior to TRAIN Law’s 2nd Tranche Effect, DOE Reiterates Call for Energy-Efficient Lifestyle

While the country is awaiting for the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act (TRAIN) Law’s second tranche to be fully-felt, the Department of Energy (DOE) proposes a few steps to adopt and promote an energy-efficient lifestyle for all Filipinos.

Today, January 8, oil firms increased their prices at the pump. Gasoline products have gone up by PHP0.80 increase, kerosene with additional PHP0.40 and diesel, PHP0.70.

In an advisory of the price adjustments, Pilipinas Shell claimed that the movement of the pump prices does not yet reflect as to what is mandated under the TRAIN Law but only due to movements in the world market.

DOE Spokesperson and Undersecretary Felix William Fuentebella reiterated the importance of making sound choices to conserve and wisely use energy with the DOE’s recent launch of its ‘Save Save Save’ campaign for 2019.

“The Secretary and the DOE urges everyone to have a new outlook for energy efficiency, especially as we welcome 2019,” he said.

Department Secretary Chief Alfonso Cusi, through Fuentebella, also emphasized the agency’s energy resolutions and reminded Filipino consumers to embrace an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Here are their recommendations to increase fuel efficiency:

  1. Save fuel by driving at a steady speed. By reducing speed from 120 to 80 kph, tests conducted with popular cars indicated a 25-percent improvement in fuel economy.
  2. Save fuel by anticipating stops. Tests prove that vehicles driven at 60 kph can travel a distance of 650 meters with gradual halts and not consume additional fuel.
  3. Save fuel by minimizing vehicle load. Transporting unnecessary weight in your car results in an additional 10-percent fuel consumption.
  4. Save fuel by trying ‘Ang-cash Tipid’ (Carpooling Program). Carpooling is an arrangement whereby several individuals travel together in a private vehicle. Carpoolers share the costs of gas and often take turns to drive to their common destination.
  5. Save fuel by driving less. By taking public transport such as the MRT and LRT, you can help lessen traffic congestion and at the same time provide seamless journey for the travelling public.

“Let us continue to ‘Save Save Save’ by using our energy wisely. Maximizing our energy ability would enable us to become globally competitive and usher in a new wave of economic prosperity for the country,” Cusi concluded.

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