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Rainy Season Car Essentials

The heat is finally loosening its hold upon our country and we couldn’t be happier about it. It’s official; summer is over, and boy, do we know what that means. We can finally bring out our coats and jackets from the depths of our closets without sweating buckets!

As much as we can now enjoy the cool air, the rain unfortunately also brings about headaches on the road.

We have long associated traffic with the arrival of rainy days, and it’s a hassle when we get caught on the way. Because the roads become slippery, cars slow down to avoid accidents. Floods also make some roads unnavigable so cars and people being stranded is a common sight.

Heavy rainfalls are unexpected so it’s important to always be ready. Here are some of the things you should always have in your car that will come handy when you’re caught by the onslaught of a downpour on the road.

1. Bottled Water and Snacks

“Naku, umuulan. Mabigat na naman ang traffic!” (Oh no, it’s raining. The traffic will be heavy again!)

Here in the Philippines, rain and heavy traffic are always not far from each other in a statement. We often complain how bad the traffic is during normal rush hours, but add a heavy downpour to the equation and we’ll get a worse situation. However, when it comes to traffic congestion, nothing can be worse when it’s a rainy payday Friday.

Since traffic congestion during the rainy season can extend our travel time, we’re bound to get hungry and thirsty. If you find yourself stuck in traffic, having a bottled water and some snacks in your car can help quench your thirst and satiate your hunger until you arrive at your destination.

2. Sweater / Jacket / Blanket

The rainy weather isn’t called the “sweater weather” for nothing. Stay warm and dry! Sweaters, jackets, and blankets can warm you up during the chilly weather, so it’s important to have at least one of these in your car.

3. Raincoats and Umbrellas

Having a raincoat and umbrella in your car will come in handy should you need to go out of your car. Having these things will also come in handy if you need to lend them to a friend in need.

4. Slippers / Rain Boots

Even if you don’t have a vehicle, bringing slippers are necessary during the rainy season. However, having one in your car will come handy if you get caught by the rain on your way to your vehicle or when you need to step outside the rain.

5. Flashlight

Should your car break down on a rainy night, you can easily check what the problem is with a flashlight. However, to avoid battery problems, it will be easier if you get hand-cranked or mechanically powered flashlights.

6. Tissues and Wet Wipes

What if you got caught in the rain while you’re on the way to your car? Most of us have experienced the irritating splatters of wet dirt and mud on our shoes and legs when it’s raining. Having tissues and wet wipes in your car is convenient in these kinds of situation.

7. Alcohol

When you’re cleaning yourself up after you got caught outside the rain, alcohol will be your friend when it comes to sanitary purposes.

8. Chill Music Playlist

How long you’ll be stuck in traffic is unknown. You may either get bored or impatient. In these times, there’s nothing a good music can’t fix. A chill pill in the form of a music playlist that’s perfect for the weather can alleviate your mood and eliminate boredom.

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