Rally Driving Immersion Program Eyes to Boost Rallycross Education

Rally Driving Immersion Program Eyes to Boost Rallycross Education

Rally racing in the Philippines is making a remarkable resurgence, with a boost coming from enthusiasts that stage events to ensure the sport would gain traction anew. After more than a decade of absence in the local scene, the discipline is slowing and surely creeping in with the Philippine Rallycross Series (PRS)--the brainchild of Olson Camacho and Ronnie Trinidad. Since 2015, rallycross has been a regular and calendared motorsport event sanctioned by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP). Now on its fourth year, Eggay Quesada has joined the Philippine Rallycross Series as director to help the sport grow even bigger. From 10 participants in 2015, there are now over 50 drivers regularly contesting for different categories in the 12-Round national series, and is now held in different venues, including sites in the provinces of Pampanga and Cavite. With the motorsport discipline in the upswing, PRS partnered with veteran motoring journalist and avid rally enthusiast, Anjo Perez, to help raise even more the popularity of the event through the Rally Driving Immersion Project (RDIP), an experiential ride and drive event for those covering the Motorsport events. "It is usually the motoring media who writes about these races and it would only be fitting for them to experience and know exactly what a rally driver experiences during a race," Perez explained The program will allow motoring journalists to convey their first-person experience of the events or situations that transpires during the event. In partnership with Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Black Rhino Wheels, Nitto Tires, PIAA, SONAX, CTEK, and Ichiro Motor Oils, an Isuzu D-Max pickup truck has been commissioned to participate in the remaining legs of the PRS, with different motoring media drivers as participants. The RDIP flagged off last July 7, during the 7th Round of the PRS in Tanza, Cavite. Invited motoring journalists who were tasked to drive the Isuzu D-max around the challenging 1.6-kilometer dirt/mud road were Business Mirror's Randy Peregrino and Motoring Today's Matt Mallari. The two media drivers experienced an astounding drive around the track, which was composed of loose dirt, ditches, and uber slippery mud trails. The Isuzu D-Max's 4-wheel drive coupled with its reliable suspension system made sure that it took the course in stride. Providing surefootedness on both loose dirt and ankle-deep mud were the Black Rhino wheels shod in Nitto Grappler tires. The mud baths on the windshield were no challenge for the PIAA Aero Vogue silicone wiper blades, which wiped the mud clean with just one pass. Night vision was also greatly improved thanks to the pair of PIAA Hyper Arros LED bulbs, which replaced the stock halogen bulbs. Providing engine protection during the high revs around the track was Ichiro Motor Oil. The Isuzu D-Max finished the round unscathed, with all the media drivers posting decent times, even beating a number of long-timers. The next round of the PRS is tentative scheduled for July 27-28 with the venue yet to be announced. A different set of motoring media drivers will be invited for the experiential ride and drive event. [gallery size="vw_two_third_thumbnail_no_crop" ids="61881,61882,61883,61884,61885,61886,61890,61891,61893,61894">  

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