Reassuring pre-loved rides are at Cebu's Everlasting Car Clinic


A reassuring feeling comes with every car bought from Everlasting Car Clinic in Cebu. That's a feeling in which you don't need to worry if your pre-loved car has been involved in an accident, flood, or is a stolen one. 

According to Everlasting Car Clinic's Ellen Aleo, the used-car dealership  checks if a car has accident history, flood damage, or if it was involved in carnapping. Those checks are done to see if a car qualifies to be sold

Located at Canton Village, San Isidro, Talisay, Cebu, this dealership has been one of Carmudi Philippines' trusted dealers since 2018. It currently carries 14 cars; go check out its Carmudi profile


Aside from a clean history, Aleo said Everlasting's cars are also "clean in (both) exterior and interior." The shop's "lower price compared to other dealers in the market" is one of its advantages, too. 

A shining example of the Car Clinic's edge is a shiny blue 2015 Toyota Vios. The subcompact sedan's beige interior may be prone to smudges, but it appears to prove otherwise. The car really looks to be thoroughly cleaned not only inside, but outside as well. 

And surely, the Vios will run as good as its looks. When Carmudi PH asked Aleo what tips she could give to those looking for second-hand vehicles, she replied: "The engine should be in good running condition, and the chassis number should match the OR/CR (original receipt, certificate of registration)." 

Everlasting Car Clinic's Aleo shared more car buying knowledge, particularly about people's misconceptions about buying a pre-loved unit. "(People think the car) is not (from) a first owner and no warranty," she said. "That's not always the case."


Photos from Everlasting Car Clinic's Ellen Aleo

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