Shell now has 400 Helix Oilchange+ outlets in PH

Shell Helix Station

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) recently opened its 400th Helix Oilchange+ outlet in the country, following the inauguration of its shop in C5 Southlink.


  • How many Shell Helix Oilchange+ outlets are now in the country?

    There are now 400 Helix Oilchange+ workshops in the Philippines.
  • What can customers expect from Shell Helix Oilchange+ outlets?

    The outlets offer simple vehicle repairs and tests. Its also boasts integrated vehicle service history data, availability of Shell Car Care products, and well-trained mechanics.
  • In a statement, PSPC said that the entire service station network gives customers “convenient access to expert vehicle services across the country through comprehensive tests — and not just a mere oil change — performed by certified mechanics.”

    The entire Shell Helix Oilchange+ vehicle workshop chain has extended its services beyond repairs and oil change to also cater to simple vehicle testing. “Maximizing technology, Shell, for many years aims to help create safer roads, hence safer communities,” the company said.

    PSPC said that its workshops offer comprehensive signature service checks that use modern tools to minimize human error such as the brake fluid moisture tester, coolant tester, digital tire gauge, On-Board Diagnostic 2 (OBD 2) scanners, among others.

    The company also has an integrated vehicle service history data across all 400 outlets nationwide that serves as reference for vehicles which have undergone troubleshooting jobs, repairs, and checkups across any of the Shell Helix Oilchange+ outlets.

    Shell Helix Station

    The integrated system can now also provide customers with helpful data on when they would need their next oil change or maintenance check for their vehicles.

    Further, Shell Helix Oilchange+ outlets offer Shell Car Care products, which include Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology (the first synthetic motor oil designed from natural gas) as well as other synthetic motor oil options.

    Some of the outlets have lounges with Wi-Fi access and viewing windows that let customers wait comfortably while their vehicles are being serviced.

    To ensure that its manpower is highly capable, PSPC said that Shell Helix Oilchange+ mechanics undergo regular training from the Don Bosco Technical Institute.

    Relatedly, the company is eyeing to expand its workshop network by adding 40 to 50 sites per year

    Shell Helix Station

    The future outlets, PSPC stated, will have the same quality of customer service and inspection thoroughness and will utilize the use of eco-bricks, rainwater collectors, and the utilization of LED and inverter technology.

    “We are continuously expanding Shell Helix Oilchange+ outlets to anticipate the needs of Filipinos on the move. Our outlets across the country assure Filipinos that they have somewhere to go to when they need a regular vehicle check or help in an emergency,” Shell Retail Lubricants Manager Rem Pine was quoted as saying.

    “We care for our customer's safety especially while on the road. With our high-quality lubricants and expert service, we want to keep (customers') vehicles going.”

    Photos from Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation

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