Should You Buy a Used Fleet Vehicle? Here Are the Pros and Cons

Should You Buy a Used Fleet Vehicle? Here Are the Pros and Cons

Fleet vehicles are those owned by commercial entities for business purposes. Owing to this fact, these cars in general have seen more than one driver/owner, and are likely to have higher mileage than usual. More often than not, this is what brings their prices down, and so if you're looking at a used fleet vehicle for sale, chances are it's going to be cheaper than what you will ordinarily see for that particular make, model and year.

Now the question that must be asked is: are these cars a good buy? We present you with the pros and cons of buying used fleet vehicles so you can decide for yourself whether it benefits your particular situation.


Newer models – businesses try their best to keep up with the times, and turn over older models for newer ones with regularity. These so-called 'old' models tend to be just a few years old, allowing you to enjoy the latest features and technologies without going over budget.

Well-maintained – fleet owners do their best to keep their cars under warranty, and so their cars are usually well-maintained, complete with maintenance records that stick to the recommended schedule.

Cheaper – inarguably the biggest advantage of used fleet vehicles, is that they're often priced very low, as most fleet owners simply want to dispose of them to make room for the newer batch.


High mileage – since they often see heavy use by multiple owners, the odometer readings on used fleet vehicles tend to be high.

Low resale value – the high mileage also means the car's resale value isn't going to fetch you a good price.

More wear and tear – even when the car is well-maintained, it can still have more wear and tear compared to an average used car. Many buyers stay clear from fleet cars for this reason.

Lacking features – many companies purchase bare-bones models for their fleet vehicles to save money. This can mean no Bluetooth, no USB ports, and no electric windows nor automatic locking mechanisms. As such, a used fleet car may be too utilitarian for your tastes.

Bottom Line

Though it's possible to get a great deal on used fleet car, it's not always going to be straightforward, and the buying process always has the risk of being a hit or miss affair. If you find a used fleet car that you believe is worth buying, make sure to check its history, test drive it, and have it inspected by a qualified mechanic. Look for ways to protect your investment so you can feel more confident with your purchase.

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