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Is Suzuki PH Now Accepting Reservations for the All-New Suzuki Jimny?

If you’ve been living under a rock for most of the year, then you might’ve missed out on all the hype about the all-new, fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny. And the hype is real since our stories about it are some of the most-read ones for the year, especially the one where the mini SUV starred in a 23-minute long video that highlighted its features.

With the all-new Jimny’s launch in July, we figured that it could make an appearance at the upcoming 2018 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). The timing was perfect, after all. Even if it was a right-hand-drive model on display, people would be drawn to it, what with its cute size yet macho looks.

Well, our friends at one publication recently got their hands on some photos of what may be the Philippine-market model of the all-new Jimny, along with the product specs and what are apparently the three variants to be offered here: GLX AT (which is probably the top-spec model), GL AT, and GL MT (the base model, most likely).

The report added that there are already a number of all-new Suzuki Jimny units in the country, and besides making an appearance at the PIMS, the Japanese carmakers will supposedly have the mini SUV on display at its major dealerships “so customers may start inspecting them up close on the showroom floor.”

It need not be said that if people like what they see at the dealerships or on the floor in PIMS, they’d readily make a deposit for the Jimny. So we couldn’t just leave the report at that; we had to take it a step further. So we asked our friends within Suzuki’s dealer network and this is what we found out–although the prices for all three variants of the all-new Jimny have yet to be released, Suzuki dealerships are now accepting reservations for it at PHP10,000 each.

That’s right, for roughly the same price as a pair of Nike Air Vapormax Premier Flyknit, you’ re eligible to be one of the first owners of the all-new Suzuki Jimny in the country and be envied by your neighbors, friends, and haters once delivery starts locally–and that may “until around the second quarter of 2019 (although a February launch is also possible)” as said by our friends at the aforementioned publication, although it could also be sooner than that depending on the public’s reception at PIMS and how may reservations will be placed for it when its order book opens tomorrow, October 22.

So, will you be at your nearest Suzuki dealer first thing tomorrow morning with PHP10,000 in hand?


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