The conservative, classy colors of the Volkswagen Santana


The Volkswagen Santana is the German automotive brand’s entry to the local compact sedan segment. This Chinese-made entry-level sedan quickly became one of Volkswagen’s best-selling nameplates in the country.

The Santana features simple exterior amenities including halogen headlights and foglights that flank its simple and straightforward grille. The same goes for its side profile which can either be 15-inch alloys or 14-inch steel wheels.


Its plain yet elegant look is complemented by three conservative paint options. Interested to know what they are?

Polar White

Rather saintly in appearance, the Volkswagen Santana looks clean and pristine when donning the Polar White paint. It gives definition to the straight-cut lines that can be seen throughout the vehicle.

If you’re planning to get the Santana as a family car, Polar White makes for a good option as it’s one of the safest colors in the palette. It’s easily recognizable on the road and does not blend with its surroundings.

Reflex Silver

Those who would like to milk whatever luxurious look the Santana has to offer best choose Reflex Silver. This paint draws the elegant features and emphasizes the chrome accents on the car’s front fascia as well as the chrome badge at the vehicle’s rear.

In silver, the Santana looks like a business car rather than a grocery getter.

Deep Black

This deep black hue adds some level of sportiness to the Volkswagen Santana. It does match the similarly black interior which gives the car a seamless look.

A word of caution for drivers picking out the Deep Black paint as this deep and dark hue might be tough to spot on the road when driving at night.

Do any of these colors make you want to get a Santana? Check out our selection of second-hand units here.

Photos from Volkswagen

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