The mean hues of the Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is clearly not for the conservative type. 

That's because even before the muscle car approaches, its five-liter V8 engine in the GT fastback and convertible variants can be heard roaring. While the Mustang can be optioned with a quieter 2.3-liter Ecoboost mill, it still wears the American car's signature chunky and long-hood coupe shape. 

Several of the Mustang's color choices also make it one for the extroverted. 

Orange Fury Metallic

Ford MustangIn the 1970s, bright car colors like this orange were popular, and even graced the early generations of the Mustang. So with this retro hue, the Mustang will certainly stand out. 

Race Red

Ford MustangDoesn't this color remind you of Lightning McQueen from Cars? Just like McQueen, the Mustang also competes in widely followed American racing series held on oval-shaped race tracks. 

Triple Yellow Tri-Coat

Ford MustangSimilar to orange, this yellow is also a throwback color. It's far from mellow, too, as yellow has always been known to give an upbeat and active aura. 

Kona Blue

Ford MustangAs mentioned, not all of the Mustang's colors are bright. This rather subdued hue suggests that its owner wants to stay low-key, but not boring. We can see just enough brightness in the Kona Blue to make it eye-catching

Oxford White

Ford MustangAn upside to this color is its potential for customization. Two brightly colored vertical stripes can run atop the hood, roof, and trunk, similar in fashion to the special-edition and high-performance Mustang models.  

Shadow Black

Ford MustangWhite stripes would also make a contrast against this dark hue. Black aftermarket wheels can also underpin the car for a "blacked-out look," if one is so inclined. 

Magnetic Metallic

Ford MustangWith this shade of gray and triangular grille, one can pretend that their Mustang is a car made by a certain British luxury carmaker. Kidding aside, this color exudes sophistication and class, and would be the choice of those who find the black too dark, the white too plain. 

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