6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Car's Air-Conditioner (and Save Money in the Process)

6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Car's Air-Conditioner (and Save Money in the Process)

Car air conditioners are a marvelous piece of machinery. They're often times taken for granted, only to show their true worth when everyone inside the car are sweating like grilled pigs. Worse, however, is when you seem to spend a lot more on engine maintenance and gas expenses because they're working  themselves out like crazy.

Most cases of malfunctioning air conditioners are a result of human error, and they can be prevented if you just use a bit of common sense and follow these simple tips:

1. Avoid turning on your air conditioner to full blast right away.

We know how hot it is right now, and of course, your first instinct is to turn that knob until it reaches the highest setting right away. Don't do that; instead, ease it in. Start with the lower setting first, set to medium after a minute, and then go to your desired level after a  couple of minutes have passed.

2. Open the windows first.

Stagnant air inside your car will only be recirculated back if you turn on your air conditioner for the first time. Best thing to do is to open the windows first, allow fresh air to come inside for two to three minutes, close the windows, and then turn the air conditioner on.

3. Point the air vents on your car's roof.

Don't hog them all by yourself. The best thing to do to is to angle the air vents at the roof in different directions, so the cold air will be distributed more evenly and reach all the areas inside the cabin.

4. Keep up with your air con's maintenance.

Make sure to maintain it yearly. This means replacing the refrigerant regularly, and changing the cabin's air filter every 24,000 kilometers. Maintenance also means fixing parts (and those related to it) that need fixing. Really, even as simple as making sure that your car's windows are closed properly and completely can do wonders in increasing your air conditioner's efficiency and shelf life.

5. Use the re-circulation button correctly.

Make the most of your car's re-circulation button by turning it on the moment you step inside your car. This allows it to cool faster. However, once you've reached your desired temperature, turn it off and switch to normal mode once again. That way, cold air can reach other areas inside more evenly.

6. Clean your air conditioner regularly.

A dirty air con filter has a lot of dust and dirt that blocks cold air from getting outside and circulating properly. It makes your air-con work double time, which again causes stress on the engine and increases gas consumption in the process.

Remember: It only takes a bit of effort to keep your car's air conditioner working at its highest capacity. In the end, your efforts will be rewarded with many years of service (and better savings) for a long time.


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