TMP lets everyone experience ‘waku doki’ with Toyota GR GT Gup


Toyota’s GR GT Cup has always brought the excitement and thrill of motorsports to a wider audience. This year, Toyota Motor Philippines’ (TMP) e-motorsports event saw participants from all over the country with drivers of various backgrounds and skill levels.


  • What is the Toyota GR GT Cup?

    The Toyota GR GT Cup is an e-motorsports event organized by Toyota in partnership with Gran Turismo.
  • Who can participate in the GR CT Cup?

    Hopeful participants must go though a registration process to join the actual race but anyone can visit select Toyota dealerships to try out the Toyota GR GT Cup experience.
  • Carmudi Philippines was invited to the media rounds of the 2021 GR GT Cup and got to experience the spirit of waku doki (heart pumping, adrenaline racing) first-hand — behind the wheel of the Toyota GR Supra, at the famed Suzuka Circuit. 


    TMP believes that the fun of racing is for everyone. In fact, several racing rigs have been set up in select dealerships in the country, allowing Toyota customers in the Philippines to try out what it feels like to drive Toyota’s souped-up cars in some of the world’s most iconic race tracks.

    Here are some pictures of the TMP crew during the media rounds of the GR GT Cup. 


    In addition, TMP aims to provide Filipino e-sports players the right platform — especially with the rise of e-sports in the Philippines and Gran Turismo’s involvement in the 2020 Olympic Virtual Series — and pave the road for local talents to emerge in the e-motorsports scene.

    And since Gran Turismo provides players with an almost life-like driving experience, many Toyota GR GT Cup participants often end up behind the wheel of the real thing — just like Kazunori Yamauchi (Gran Turismo producer) himself.

    Photos by Paulo Papa

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